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  • You can find a competitively priced energy plan that meets your needs by comparing different energy plans in the market.
  • Find cheap energy plans near you by entering your postcode and a few details, such as your energy usage from your current energy bill.
  • Contact Select and Switch assistance today to learn more about your energy options and to make an informed decision.

Rising electricity and gas prices can be a reason to compare energy plans in Australia to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in energy prices in Australia, so you need to make sure that you are not overpaying.

For your needs and budget, comparing electricity and gas prices can help you find the best energy plan. You can find a competitively priced energy plan that meets your energy needs. Select and Switch lets you compare electricity and gas plans and choose the one that meets your needs. With Select and Switch’s Energy Cost Calculator tool, it is now easier than ever before to determine how much you could save by comparing electricity prices and switching providers.

Things that matter when comparing electricity and gas plans

While comparing energy plans, other factors should also be taken into consideration, including contract terms, payment options, customer service, and any discounts or promotions offered.

The cost of your energy is also influenced by several variables, including how much you use, where you live, and what plan you choose.

Find the cheapest energy plans near you by entering your postcode and a few details about your household size and usage. The details are used to compare energy prices and plans from the vendors. Apart from the few details such as household size, location, and energy usage, one must also consider the following things while comparing gas and electricity providers because it helps you choose the best provider with the lowest charges throughout the year:

Comparison of the entire market:

Why would you compare just a few retailers or plans when looking for the best deal? With many energy providers competing for your business, you can choose from numerous readily available energy plans across many energy retailers and providers. Even though it sounds overwhelming, the good news is that you can now compare thoroughly against a great range of the leading energy retailers’ rates and see a clear ranking of your options.

Be aware of your electricity usage:

The amount of energy you consume and when you consume it are valuable information. Providing your unique electricity usage profile from your recent bill will help provide the most accurate results from a comparison. This is because plans are known to have different pricing structures. While some are suitable for large solar exporters, they are expensive for solar owners who don’t generate a great deal of excess energy.

An energy monitoring device can help you track your energy consumption by analysing your previous energy bills. You can also estimate your energy consumption based on your home’s size, the number of appliances and devices you use, and your lifestyle. Household size can also be an influential factor to consider when comparing energy plans. The size of your household influences the amount of energy you use and, therefore, the cost of your energy bills.

Typically, larger households use more appliances and electronics, resulting in higher energy consumption and higher energy bills. Unlike a larger household, a smaller household could have lower energy usage and energy bills. Additionally, other factors, such as the type of energy you use (e.g., electricity, natural gas), the location of your home, and the climate in which you live, can also affect your energy consumption and costs.

Be sure to check the benefits and discount conditions:

The good news in several states in Australia is that electricity retailers must tell their customers if they have a better offer available. This is usually shown on the front page of the energy bill that you receive from your current retailer. Be sure to check as it may not always stand out easily to you. It is also worth noting that the plans that appear at the top in a comparison ranking may include short-term discounts. After the benefit period expires, which is usually after 12 months, the retailer may remove or reduce the discount on the plan. In the days before your benefit period expires, contact the retailer to reinstate the offer or talk about their current offers. Ensure that their response is still competitive by researching the market and using the Select and Switch comparison tool to check the current offers available.

Know the conditions of on-time bill payment:

Now that the majority of pay on-time discounts of the past have been discontinued, these huge discounts no longer apply. Despite this, you’ll still find plenty of plans that require you to pay on time to get a lower rate. It would be worth thinking about whether or not you could make on-time discount payment conditions. By skipping a payment due date, you could be paying more than you thought. There are also many plans on the market that offer discounts even when you are late paying your bill so there is no penalty if you happen to miss a payment due date.

What role does concession count have in comparing electricity and gas plans in Australia?

Concession discounts may be available to certain customers when comparing electricity and gas plans in Australia. Government concessions typically apply to pensioners, veterans, and low-income earners who qualify for discounts. You will need to provide proof of your eligibility to the energy provider to determine whether you are eligible for a concession discount.

This may include:

  • Details of your pension card
  • veterans card
  • other government-issued documents.

In Australia, concession discounts can be an important factor to consider when comparing electricity and gas plans as they can significantly reduce your energy costs. Getting concession discounts from your energy provider is a good idea, so check with them if they’re available.

Should I have an exit strategy?

Having an exit strategy in place can allow you to avoid any unexpected charges or fees when switching electricity and gas plans in Australia. An exit strategy is a plan for how you will terminate your current energy plan and switch to a new one.

When you are comparing energy plans, it is imperative to consider the contract terms. This includes the length of the contract, the notice period for terminating the contract, and any early exit fees. It is critical to understand these terms to minimize the costs and fees associated with switching energy plans. For residential and small-medium business energy plans there is generally no contract terms and exit charges, however, it always pays to check.

Comparing energy plans requires you to develop an exit strategy:

  • Review your current energy plan: To begin, review your current energy plan’s terms and conditions to determine how long it is and whether any early termination fees will apply.
  • Compare energy plans: After that, compare the different energy plans available and select one that meets your budget and needs.
  • Consider timing: Switching to a new energy plan should take into account the notice periods and early exit fees associated with your current plan if there are any.

Exit strategies avoid any unexpected fees or costs by ensuring that switching energy plans is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Using the Select and Switch comparison tool, you are ready to compare energy plans.

The Select and Switch energy comparison tool allows you to compare different electricity and gas plans from a range of the leading energy providers in Australia. You can follow these steps to use the tool to compare energy plans:

Go to Select and Switch: To use the energy comparison tool, go to Select and Switch and click on the “Compare now” button.

Enter your Post Code: You will need to enter your post code and location to compare energy plans, which will be used to determine which energy plans are available in your area.

Enter your energy usage: Next, you will need to enter your energy usage information. This may include your current electricity or gas provider, your current energy plan, as well as your average energy consumption. This information will be used to determine which energy plans are the best fit for your needs and will be available on your most recent electricity or gas bill.

Compare plans: The energy comparison tool will generate a list of energy plans that are available in your area once you have entered your location and energy usage information. These plans will be displayed with the cheapest result at the top which allows you to compare the plans based on pricing. You can then review them to determine which one is the best fit for you, by checking the plan information and other benefits which are also displayed and this will allow you to compare the plans based on contract terms, and other factors such as rewards programs, special offers, solar feed in tariffs and any other variables you wish to consider.

Choose a plan: Once you have compared the different energy plans, select the one that meets your needs and budget. You can sign up for the plan online through the Select and Switch comparison tool which takes under 5 minutes and they will do all the work to get your transfer actioned.

It is imperative to carefully review the terms and conditions of any energy plan you are considering to ensure that it meets your needs and budget.

How can you switch electricity providers in Australia?

Switching process: Typically, the switching process involves the following steps:

  • Your current electricity provider will be notified of your request to switch.
  • Your new electricity provider will arrange for the transfer of your service to their network.
  • Your new electricity provider will send you a welcome pack with information about your new plan in addition to any other steps you may need to take to activate your service.
  • Your old electricity provider will send you a final bill for any outstanding charges.
  • Start using your new electricity plan: Once your new electricity plan becomes active, you are ready to start using it to power your home and begin saving money compared to your old plan.


Getting a better deal on your electricity is right around the corner if you’re looking for it. Using Select and Switch, you can compare energy prices and plans in your area and determine how much you can save by switching. Regardless of whether you are looking for electricity or gas plans, they can help you find a cheaper energy package or a better choice of plans in your area based on your energy consumption patterns and preferences.

For more information about your energy options and to make an informed decision, you may also find it helpful to speak with Select and Switch for help and assistance today.

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