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There are over 30 gas providers across Australia that provide gas at different rates based on a range of pricing variables. Based on your location, requirements and usage, you may be able to find a cheaper gas deal. We understand that there is no point in subscribing to costly gas packages when you can have the same service quality at a cheaper rate. As one of the leading gas and energy comparison sites in Australia, we have helped many satisfied customers and businesses get a better deal. With just a few simple details, we can begin comparing gas providers in your area and recommend the most suitable plan in a matter of minutes.

Why Compare Gas Plans With Select and Switch?

  • Save big by understanding your current gas plan and other offers in your area.
  • Explore discounts and packages that you may be eligible for.
  • Enter the right type of contract and understand the benefits you are entitled to.
  • See if you can save more by opting for a combined energy plan.

Compare Gas Plans in Your Area

Due to its abundance of natural resources, Australia has many gas providers. The competition has caused these providers to expand their reach to as many locations as possible in Australia. This makes it likely that multiple gas providers operate in your area and knowing which one to pick requires some expertise. The amount you can save by switching your gas provider depends on a wide range of factors including your location and the availability of service in your area. Gas rates differ from one state to another, and in some cases, from one locality to another. Rates offered by gas providers in specific locations can be accessed upon request. The Australian Energy Regulator even provides a comparison of their popularity periodically.

Find Cheaper Gas Deals In Only A Few Clicks Away

Select and Switch collaborates with many gas providers across Australia. Upon request for a quote, we review the available rates from gas suppliers in your area and compare them with your current plan. We recommend cheaper gas plans if there are any available.

Gas providers charge on two metrics. Firstly, you are charged for the supply of gas to your property which is known as the daily supply charge. Secondly, you are charged for the usage based on the volume of gas you consume. If you want to compare gas plans on your own, we recommend that you strongly consider these two cost variables.

Apart from the above, we also recommend that you consider the benefits that any of them are offering. Some gas providers require you to meet certain conditions, pay a fixed amount in certain intervals to smoothen your bill amount whilst others have additional fees or discounts and so on.

 Under certain circumstances, you could be contractually obliged to stick to the gas supplier for the stated period thus making a switch difficult. This is why it is crucial to consider the aforementioned factors or seek expert advice through comparison sites such as Select and Switch.

If you are time-poor, Select and Switch have got you covered. Our professional research and comparison services help consumers find better gas plans all the time whilst putting a considerable amount of money back in their pockets. Get in touch with us today to find better and cheaper gas plans for your home or business in Australia.


When you change your gas provider through Select and Switch, you will sign up with your new energy provider using our online comparison tool and we will then organise the switch to your better gas plan with your new gas provider. A meter reading will need to be completed and after this has been done you will then be transferred across to your new gas plan and will start to receive your gas bill from them. The gas distributor supplying the gas to your house or business remains the same as before.

No. Connecting new pipes and meters to your new gas plan are unnecessary. Your energy distributor (not your energy retailer) delivers the gas to your home through the same existing pipes. Even after switching energy retailers, your premises continues to be supplied with electricity and gas by the same distributor.

Switching and comparing gas plans is straightforward. You can find a better deal using our comparison tool to see what’s available. In only a few minutes you can receive your comparison results, select the better gas offer and then submit your request to switch. We will then do all the work in the background with your new gas retailer. Your new gas provider will take over your gas plan after the next meter reading.

No there is no charge to use our comparison and switching services. It is entirely free to you. It is also free to switch to a new energy retailer, unless you are moving properties, where there can sometimes be a connection fee to connect your power or gas.

As long as you are responsible for paying the gas bill at a rental property, then it is in your best interest to compare the gas offers available in your area. If you can find a better gas offer then it is easy to switch using our online comparison and signup tool.

You will need to provide us with the suburb/postcode where your home or business is or where you plan to move to. Simply enter the postcode into our online comparison tool and follow the steps to find the cheapest gas plans and prices from our panel of leading energy retailers

We help you compare current market prices after you have finished the first step and show you a variety of cheap alternatives.

It is important to compare gas plans regularly to ensure you’re always on a low-cost plan as it could be costing you more if you haven’t switched plans for a while.

The decision is yours, so you are free to Select and Switch. Enjoy low-cost energy for as long or as little as you like. You’ll never be locked into a contract, don’t have to pay termination fees, and you can also get incredibly low gas prices.

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