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Queensland’s residential electricity market is complicated due to a number of factors, including the existence of numerous electricity providers who provide various pricing plans, special offers, and charges, as well as the ongoing changes in supply, demand, and government regulations.
By offering up-to-date details on electricity providers and readily accessible plans, including pricing structures, discounts, and fees, as well as professional support for any questions, Select & Switch makes the process simple.
You can save time, money, and energy using the Select and Switch comparison tool while ensuring access to dependable, high-quality service matching your unique needs.
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Select and Switch offers a number of benefits for your residential electricity needs. Our comparison tool is made to assist you in selecting the package with the lowest cost from numerous residential electricity providers and plans available.

Another benefit is our dedication to offering personalised support for any questions you might have. Our system takes into account things like your past energy usage to help you discover the best deal.


User-friendly platform

Easy-to-use platform allows you to easily compare residential electricity plans and select the best option for you.

Competitive plans

Input your recent energy usage to discover the best residential electricity options and contract terms for your home.

Renewable energy

Access to renewable energy plans to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future.

Expert advice

Expert support and assistance throughout the process of comparing and switching electricity prices.

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Residential electricity provider
comparison in Queensland

Are you looking for affordable residential electricity plans in Queensland? Select and Switch is the best comparison tool to evaluate and choose from Queensland’s top electricity providers. You can choose the supplier that provides the best value for your money by quickly evaluating the price, contract options, payment structures, and green energy solutions.

Here are some major residential electricity providers in QLD and a brief comparison of their pricing, contract options, payment structures, green energy options, and unique selling points:

Residential Electricity Providers in QLDDescription
Simply EnergyOffers affordable electricity plans with flexible contract options, including no lock-in contracts. Payment options include direct debit, credit card, and Post bill pay. All plans are 100% carbon offset.
Tango EnergyAustralian based award-winning customer service team. Owned by Pacific Hydro Australia who are a leader in renewables and their electricity offers have no hidden fees, straightforward pricing structures and no lock-in contracts making them a great choice. Flexible payment options include HelpPay, BPAY, Centrepay, credit card and direct debit.
1st EnergyBased in Australia, 1st Energy provides customers with value-based energy solutions and competitive electricity plans with no lock-in contracts. A range of payment options, including direct debit, credit card, Union pay and AMEX. Can also manage your account online.
Alinta EnergyA multi-award winner offering a range of flexible payment methods, including credit card, BPAY, and direct debit. Provide a variety of plans and a clear billing procedure without any additional fees for credit cards, including AMEX.Rewards program offers discounts on everything from gift certificates and electronics to movies. Get up to 33% off amusement parks, zoos, museums, and more to spend less on family fun.
Energy LocalsTransparent and affordable pricing and flexible contract options, including no lock-in contracts. Payment options, direct debit, SmoothPay credit card, and BPAY.Cleaner energy for a sustainable future. Exceptional customer service and self-serve portal for hassle-free account management.
DodoAffordable electricity plans with flexible contract options, including no lock-in contracts. Flexible payment options, including direct debit, credit card, and BPAY.
SumoOffers affordable pricing without lock-in agreements or exit costs. Payment options include direct debit, Quick pay (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX), Centrepay and BPAY.

Three Easy Steps


First, enter your post code or suburb and select your property type, solar panel status, and concession card status. For more accurate comparisons, include your electricity usage details from a recent bill.


Once you've entered the necessary information, you'll be able to compare several plans from electricity providers. The comparison includes pricing, contract options, payment structures, and green energy options. Choose the plan that best matches your energy needs.


Once you have selected the plan that suits your requirements. You can finalise the switch by signing up online or requesting a callback from Select and Switch.

Electricity Saving Tips

Here are some effective tips on how you can save electricity and reduce bills in your household:

Conduct regular maintenance: Maintain your appliances and HVAC systems regularly to ensure they are functioning properly, resulting in less energy use and expenses. To keep your appliances in good operating order, schedule regular maintenance checks.

Use energy-saving lighting: Replace incandescent bulbs with LED lights. LED lights consume far less electricity and last significantly longer than traditional lighting.

Turn off electronics when not in use: Electronics and appliances consume electricity even when they are turned off, contributing to higher energy bills. Make it a habit to turn off lights, televisions, and other electronics when they are not in use. Smart power strips can also be used to automate the process of powering down electronic devices.

Set your thermostat: Heating and cooling your home consumes a significant amount of energy. Set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature to save money on your energy expenses. In the summer, set your thermostat to 24°C or higher, and in the winter, set it to 20°C or lower.

Energy-efficient appliances: Such appliances use less energy to perform the same functions as regular appliances, resulting in significant power bill savings. When shopping for appliances, look for the Energy Star label, which indicates that the device meets energy efficiency criteria.

Unplug chargers while not in use: Even when not charging, phone, laptop, and other device chargers waste energy. Unplug them when not in use to save electricity.

Use natural light: During the day, use natural light by opening curtains and blinds. Natural light can effectively brighten your home, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Improve your insulation: Proper insulation may keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, reducing your dependency on heating and cooling systems. Improve your insulation to reduce your energy costs.

What Our Customers Say


In Queensland, numerous types of energy plans are available, including flat rate plans, time-of-use plans, and demand rates.

  • Flat-rate plans charge a flat amount per kilowatt-hour of electricity utilised.
  • Time-of-use plans charge different rates based on the time of day or weekday.
  • Demand tariffs assess varying prices based on a customer’s peak electricity consumption.
In Queensland, residential customers may have a single rate tariffs, time-of-use tariffs, demand tariffs, and controlled load pricing. Single-rate tariffs impose a flat fee for all electricity used, as opposed to time-of-use and demand tariffs, which impose different prices based on the time of day or peak electricity consumption. For certain appliances that are connected to a different meter, controlled load tariffs are charged at a lower rate.
Yes, the Queensland Government Energy Rebate, the Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession Scheme, and the Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme are all accessible to residential energy users in Queensland. Households will get a $175 Cost of Living Rebate beginning in September 2022. The rebate adds to the announced $50 asset ownership dividend. In response to the heightened cost of living challenges that many Queenslanders are experiencing, the government has boosted this aid for households from $50 to $175.
In Queensland, electricity providers typically offer a variety of payment options, such as direct debit, credit card payment, BPAY, and payment at post offices or retail stores.

In Queensland, electricity providers offer several types of contracts for residential customers. These include

  • Standard contracts: Standard contracts have no specified term and are often more expensive than market offerings. Customers are free to leave at any moment without penalty.
  • Market contracts: These contracts are available for a set period of time and offer more competitive pricing than normal contracts. Customers can change plans or providers at any time, although they may be charged an exit fee if they do so before the end of the contract term.
There are three types of electricity meters in QLD: flat-rate, interval and smart meters. The kind of energy meter installed at home is usually selected by the power provider, though some providers may allow consumers to select their meter type.
Electricity plans in Queensland can be compared using the online comparison tool from Select and Switch. You can use this tool to evaluate available plans from different power providers in your area by entering your current usage and preferences.
Once you compare and select electricity plans in Queensland, Select and Switch will contact your new energy provider directly. Your new provider will handle the switching process and notify your previous provider.
Previously, changing providers took up to 90 days for an account to be transferred; currently, the waiting period is as little as 48 hours. Your new provider will coordinate with your old provider to make the move, and you will be notified when it is done.
Review and understand the terms and conditions of any new electricity plan for your household in Queensland before committing to anything. Despite the attractive rates and incentives offered by the majority of providers, there could be extra costs or fees. You might be charged an early termination fee if you break your contract early, or a setup cost if you set up a new service. It is always advisable to read all terms and conditions.
In Queensland, your residential electricity delivery shouldn’t be disrupted while you switch suppliers.
Yes, you can switch electricity providers if you have a smart meter installed. Your new provider will be able to access your meter readings remotely.
Yes, even if you have a government incentive or rebate, you can switch to a different electricity provider. However, it is important that the new provider likewise provides the same concessions or rebates.
Yes, many providers offer bundled services such as electricity and gas or electricity and internet. It’s important to compare the costs and benefits of these bundles before signing up.
If you move to Queensland and need to transfer your electrical service, you can contact Select and Switch to help with setting up the electiricty at your new address before you move.
When you switch electricity plans, whatever account credit you have with your existing supplier should be returned to you, and if you owe any money to them, then you will need to pay your final bill from them.

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