At a glance:

  • Market deregulation has made switching
  • Previously, it could take months (approximately three months) to switch energy plans, if not longer.
  • Find out how to compare and switch in minutes by reading

With market deregulation, Aussies have plenty of reasons to choose a new energy provider, especially if they’re dissatisfied with their current plan or retailer. Most homeowners consider switching energy companies at some point, but their understanding of how long the process will take and how much they will have to pay can be a bit confusing.

When switching, consider usage rates, supply charges, connection fees, and incentives for customers.

Compare and select your energy plans in minutes.

Get a better deal: Select and Switch lets you locate all available deals based on your specific usage energy plan comparison tool. The things you need to decide are which energy supplier, price, and tariff you want. Select and Switch allows you to compare and select energy suppliers, so you know you’re getting the best deal.

If you have a recent energy bill, we can use that information to save you money and get a deal that works for you. But even if you don’t have this information, that’s okay, as we can estimate it. Your energy supplier and current tariff will also be required.

Switching energy retailers: Give us a call at 1800 959 969 right now to begin switching your energy plans. Alternatively, if you prefer a call-back, our friendly and knowledgeable energy savings experts will arrange a convenient time for you to speak. Click on ‘Complete Switch’ to start the switching process once you have made your selection.

Here is the list of information you need to provide:

  • Property address details
  • Details about your personal information and your bank account (if paying by direct debit).
  • Name of your current electricity and gas supplier
  • Your energy consumption details


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