Expert Guide: Blue NRG Energy Review and Ratings

Welcome to our expert guide on Blue NRG. Get ready to discover a world of reliable, transparent, and affordable energy solutions that will truly empower you. We will delve into the key features, benefits, and customer ratings of Blue NRG, allowing you to make an informed decision when it comes to selecting and switching the energy provider for your business.

When it comes to finding an energy company that checks all the boxes, Blue NRG shines brightly. With their unwavering commitment to excellence, they have become a leading provider of electricity services, catering to a diverse range of businesses. Their dedication to transparency and honesty sets them apart from the rest, ensuring that you receive a clear understanding of your energy costs and can effectively manage your budget.

What truly sets Blue NRG apart in the energy market is its exceptional customer service. They believe in going above and beyond to reward their customers.

Join us as we explore the various facets of Blue NRG, including their innovative plans, customer testimonials, and the exceptional value they bring to the table. Get ready to make a switch that will not only meet the energy needs of your business but exceed your expectations. Let’s embark on this expert guide together and unlock the power of Blue NRG.

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Comparison Chart for Energy Services in Various States

If you’re currently searching for energy providers to meet your business or commercial electricity requirements, Blue NRG is worth considering. To provide you with a comprehensive overview of the services and service categories offered by Blue NRG in your area, we have prepared the following:

VICAvailableNot Available
NSWAvailableNot Available
QLDAvailableNot Available
TASNot AvailableNot Available
SAAvailableNot Available

Blue NRG Energy Plans for Business

With their customer-focused approach and commitment to transparency, Blue NRG provides competitive electricity offers that help businesses save costs and optimise their energy usage. Let’s explore the various plans and services they offer to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

Blue Sharp

Blue Sharp is an electricity plan available in NSW, VIC, and QLD. It offers competitive rates for your business electricity, provides a 10-day cooling-off period, no lock-in contracts or exit fees and no merchant fees when using your credit card under direct debit for payment.

  • No exit fees
  • No contract
  • Monthly e-billing

Blue Mega Freeze

The Blue Mega Freeze plan is available to customers in VIC, NSW, QLD and SA. With a one-year contract, this plan offers flexibility and stability. The Blue Mega Freeze plan features fixed rates for 12 months and provides monthly e-billing and access to the My Account portal. No merchant fees when using your credit card under direct debit for payment means that this is a great option for business owners.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Monthly e-billing
  • Fixed price contract rate

Blue Mini Freeze

For customers located in VIC, QLD, SA and NSW, the Blue Mini Freeze plan is a highly appealing option. This plan offers fixed rates for 12 months, ensuring stability and peace of mind. With competitive rates, this plan provides an affordable option for businesses. Monthly e-billing and access to the My Account portal are also provided.

  • Fixed-rate for 12 months
  • Monthly e-billing
  • Competitive pricing

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How To Switch To Blue NRG Energy From
The Select and Switch Website

To switch to Blue NRG Energy through the Select and Switch website, follow these steps:

Comparison Phase

Step 1: Go to the comparison portal on the Select and Switch website homepage. Then, enter your postcode or suburb in the search bar.

Step 2: Choose the type of energy you want to compare (electricity, gas, or both).

Step 3: Confirm whether you have solar panels.

Step 4: Select your property type (residential or business) and movement status (new or existing property).

Step 5: Indicate if you are a concession card holder.

Step 6: Specify if anyone in your home requires life support or emergency assistance.

Step 7: Provide recent bill usage details for electricity and gas.

Apply Phase

Once you’ve submitted the above information, you’ll see the available plans for you. You can then sign up for a plan to switch or request a call back for more information by entering your personal details (name, phone number, email, and address) after making your selections on the Select and Switch website.

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Blue NRG is an Australian-owned electricity retailer dedicated to serving businesses in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, and South East Queensland.

Energy from Blue NRG is used to power businesses across various industries, providing them with reliable and sustainable electricity to meet their operational needs.

Blue NRG is the name of the company and does not have a specific acronym. It is a play on the word Energy and represents the commitment of Blue NRG to provide energy solutions that empower businesses.

Blue NRG sources its energy from the electricity grid, which includes a mix of renewable and non-renewable energy sources. The company is dedicated to promoting sustainable energy practices and reducing environmental impact.

Blue NRG works by supplying electricity to businesses, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply to support their daily operations. Blue NRG focuses on delivering exceptional customer service and competitive pricing to meet the energy needs of businesses.

Blue NRG specialises in serving small and medium-sized as well as large businesses and associations, and groups. They offer tailored energy solutions and personalised account management. They strive to provide the best customer service, competitive pricing, and energy efficiency support to help businesses thrive.

Blue NRG offers transparent pricing with no hidden costs or changes. They provide unbundled billing, ensuring 100% transparency in billing. The company aims to offer businesses the best possible price for their energy usage.

At the end of the contract term, you have the option to renew your contract with Blue NRG or explore other available energy solutions. Dedicated account managers can guide you through the renewal process and help you make informed decisions.

Blue NRG offers several convenient payment options for paying your bills after switching energy suppliers:

  • Credit Card: You can pay your bill online using a credit card. Blue NRG accepts Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX payments. Please note that merchant fees apply*.

  • Direct Debit Setup in My Account: Set up a direct debit from the My Account portal. This method helps you save on merchant fees when making payments.

  • Payment over the Phone: Blue NRG provides an automated credit card telephone service available 24/7. You can make payments using Visa, American Express, or Mastercard. The automated service will prompt you for a reference number, which can be found at the bottom of the second page of your invoice. Merchant fees may apply.

  • Mail or Post: You can send your payment via mail by posting a cheque along with your payment slip. Make the cheque payable to Blue NRG Pty Ltd and send it to Blue NRG Pty Ltd, PO Box 24390, Melbourne VIC 3001.

  • Please note that credit/debit card payments made online, over the phone, and direct with Blue NRG are subject to merchant fees. Visa and Mastercard transactions have a fee of 0.97% (incl GST), and American Express transactions have a fee of 1.39% of the total payment amount.

Additionally, if you prefer to set up a direct debit, you can download the direct debit form from the Blue NRG website and send it to their customer support team at [email protected]. If you are facing financial hardship and finding it challenging to pay your Blue NRG account, please refer to the document provided by Blue NRG for further assistance.

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