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We depend on electricity in our homes to power lights, electronic devices, and appliances, and in many cases to run heaters, air conditioners and hot water systems. And if they don’t use electricity, then they are probably reliant upon gas.

Electricity usage in business can be different dependent upon the type of business and the season, however, electricity costs can be a major expense. 

Transportation will also be fuelled by electricity as more electric vehicles are released in Australia, meaning our reliance on electricity will continue to grow.

As our use of electricity rises, it seems so do the prices. You can take steps to reduce your electricity usage at home and in your business, such as choosing energy efficient appliances, installing LED light globes, and turn off and unplug appliances when not in use, but it is also important to regularly check your energy plan to ensure that you are getting a competitive electricity rate.

Select and Switch has a panel of leading electricity retailers, and our free online comparison service helps you quickly and easily compare your bill and help you check for any available savings. Our comparison results will rank the best electricity offers of our energy partners by price so that you can make an informed decision. We also make it easy to switch to the better offer with an easy online process.

Compare your bill today and find a fantastic electricity or gas plan from our leading energy partners.

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Whether you are looking for electricity, gas or solar plans for business or home, you can compare energy plans from various providers with our FREE energy comparison tool.

Currently, we offer energy comparisons for VIC, NSW, QLD and SA. Once you find a better offer you can switch to it using our online process in only a few minutes. You can contact us if you want to switch to new energy plans or providers but have questions or need our help or support. We will help you find and change to better deals.

Some energy provider provide a dual discount if you take both gas and electricity as a bundle plan from them. And it’s also easier to manage, as you will only need to deal with one provider.

However, sometimes the cheaper electricity provider might not have cheaper gas plans, so it’s a wise decision to check for all available options and decide which one is cheaper and easier to manage for you.

Yes, you can switch your energy plans and provider anytime you want. You can use our Free energy comparison tool to compare plans from various energy providers available in your area and once you find a better offer you can switch to it using our online process in only a few minutes. If you have questions or need our help or support, you can contact us. We can help you find and change to a better energy deal.

If you are moving you can use our free online comparison to check the available providers and offers at your new address. You can then choose the best offer available and select your preferred date for the power to be connected as part of our online process. We will review your request and contact you if we have any questions or require further information from you. Otherwise we will work with the energy retailer you select and arrange to have the power connected on the date you request so you can then focus on moving.

If you don’t like your new provider or have found a better alternative, you can always cancel the plan. You have 10 business days to cancel your new plan. There is no cost or penalty to cancel.

Your service will definitely not stop. It is very rare that a provider would go out of business, however, Select and Switch will contact you to notify you to find a new provider if such a scenario did occur.

Select and Switch offers you an unrivalled experience by providing you access to a wide range of leading energy providers. We do this to offer you the choice and flexibility and to ensure that you will be able to find an offer or energy plan which suits your needs and requirements and helps you save money off your existing energy plan.

When comparing an energy plan, it depends on your motivations as most customers want to lower their bills and save money. Some of the factors to consider while evaluating energy plans and suppliers are

  • Their rates or price vs market price and your current energy plan
  • Their different energy offers
  • Previous customer reviews
  • Any additional discounts
  • Additional benefits that may be provided
  • Terms and conditions,
  • Fees that may be charged for different bill payment methods
  • Any Contract details (duration, fees, penalties, change in price, etc.)

Generally your energy rates and payments for using energy are the only things that change. Your energy bill may also look different as it will be provided by your new retailer. Your energy will still be provided by the same distributor that looks after the power poles and wires in your area.

Once you confirm the new plan and submit your request to switch, the switch to your new energy offer will generally happen in only 2-3 days. However, it can depend on the retailer you choose and your location, and if you have any outstanding amount owed to your existing retailer.

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