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NSW residential electricity market can be complex due to the varying rates and plans offered by different providers. Compare and switch to avoid missing out on essential savings. The Select and Switch comparison tool makes it easier for residents of NSW to find the best electricity rates by offering the most recent data on electricity rates and plans from different providers.
With expert advice and customised recommendations, Select and Switch consider the unique energy usage patterns and budget constraints of each resident. Residents can choose from a selection of plans to fit their usage requirements while also finding cost-saving solutions for their electricity bills. The service also offers favourable contract terms to ensure that residents get the most value out of their electricity plans.
Don’t let the complexities of the electricity market in NSW prevent you from saving on your electricity bill. Here are some reasons why compare electricity providers in NSW:
  • Transparent pricing and billing practices
  • Potential significant cost savings
  • Enhanced customer assistance and service

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Looking for a better deal on your NSW residential electricity? Look no further than Select and Switch. Our online comparison tool enables you to rapidly compare leading residential electricity providers in NSW and discover the best deal for your home. And the best part? All of our services are totally free of charge. With no hidden or extra costs, you can trust us to help you find the best deal for your electricity needs in NSW.

You’ll get top-notch customer support as well as long-term savings on your energy costs when you choose Select and Switch. We’re dedicated to making your change as simple and easy as possible. So why wait? Use Select and Switch and start saving on your NSW residential electricity bills today.


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Find the most affordable and suitable plans to keep more money in your pocket with an independent and impartial comparison service.

Need help choosing an affordable residential electricity plan in NSW? Contact Select and Switch today on 1800 959 969 and let our experts guide you through the process.

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With the increasing number of electricity retailers in New South Wales (NSW), comparing and selecting the best plan that suits your needs can be time-consuming and confusing. Select & Switch’s comparison tool helps customers choose the best deal by giving them the most recent information and professional guidance on electricity plans from different retailers in NSW.

Here are some major residential electricity providers in NSW and a brief comparison of their pricing, contract options, payment structures, green energy options, and unique selling points:

Residential Electricity Providers in NSWDescription
Simply EnergyAffordable electricity plans with flexible contract options, including no lock-in contracts. Transparent pricing with no hidden fees and various payment options, including direct debit, credit card, and Post bill pay. Their energy plans are also 100% carbon-neutral providing an environmentally conscious choice for customers.
Tango EnergyAustralian based award-winning customer service team. Owned by Pacific Hydro Australia who are a leader in renewables and their electricity offers have no hidden fees, straightforward pricing structures and no lock-in contracts making them a great choice. Flexible payment options, including direct debit, credit card, HelpPay, Centrepay, and BPAY.
1st EnergyBased in Australia, 1st Energy provides customers with value-based energy solutions and competitive electricity plans with no lock-in contracts. A range of payment options, including direct debit, credit card, Union pay and AMEX. Can also manage your account online.
Alinta EnergyAffordable pricing for electricity plans with flexible contract options, including no lock-in contracts or exit fees. Transparent pricing with no hidden fees and payment options, including direct debit, credit card, SmoothPay, HelpPay, In Person, by mail, and BPAY.
Actew AGLA local energy provider in selected areas of New South Wales with competitive pricing, flexible contract options, and no lock-in contracts. Appliance upgrade offers. They provide transparent pricing with no hidden fees and payment options, including direct debit ( EvenPay, FullPay), credit card, FullPay Solar, and BPAY.
Energy LocalsTransparent and affordable pricing and flexible contract options, including no lock-in contracts. Payment options, direct debit, SmoothPay credit card, and BPAY.Cleaner energy for a sustainable future. Exceptional customer service and self-serve portal for hassle-free account management.
DodoAffordable electricity plans with flexible contract options, including no lock-in contracts. Flexible payment options, including direct debit, credit card, and BPAY.
SumoAffordable and flexible electricity plans and no lock-in contracts. Payment options include direct debit, Quick pay (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX), Centrepay and BPAY.

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Electricity Saving Tips

Here are some residential electricity-saving tips that can help reduce your energy consumption and lower your electricity bills

Use LEDs: LED light bulbs use significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and can last up to 25 times longer.

Unplug electronic devices: Many electronic devices consume energy even when they are turned off. Unplugging devices when not in use or using a power strip can help reduce your overall energy consumption.

Use energy-efficient appliances: When purchasing new appliances, look for those with an ENERGY STAR rating, which means they have been certified as energy-efficient by the government.

Reduce your thermostat: Reducing your thermostat by just a few degrees in the winter or increasing it in the summer can help reduce your energy consumption and save you money on your electricity bill.

Utilise natural light: During the day, make use of natural light by opening blinds and curtains. This can help reduce the need for artificial lighting and lower your energy usage.

Using solar panels: Installing solar panels on your roof can help you generate your own electricity and reduce your reliance on the grid.

What Our Customers Say


In NSW, there are a variety of electricity plans available from different providers. These plans may includes:

  • Flat Rate Plans: These plans offer a fixed rate for electricity usage, regardless of the time of day or day of the week.
  • Time of Use Plans: With these plans, the price of electricity varies depending on the time of day. Generally, peak periods (usually from late afternoon to early evening) have a higher rate, while off-peak periods have a lower rate.
  • Controlled Load Plans: These plans offer a lower rate for specific appliances, such as electric hot water systems, pool pumps, and underfloor heating. The electricity for these appliances is supplied at a separate meter with a lower rate, but the use of other appliances is charged at a higher rate.
  • Solar Feed-in Tariff Plans: These plans offer a payment for excess electricity generated by rooftop solar panels that is fed back into the grid. The rate paid varies depending on the retailer and the time of day. These plans are suitable for households with rooftop solar panels.

It is important to compare electricity plans and choose the one that best suits your household’s needs and budget.

Yes, there are various government rebates and discounts available in NSW for eligible households. These may include the Low Income Household Rebate, the Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) Scheme, and the Life Support Rebate. From low-income households rebate up to a maximum of $285 per year, households receive the rebate as a credit on each quarterly energy statement. From the day you contact your retailer and apply, the amount is determined daily.

There are three different electricity tariff types offered to residential customers in New South Wales (NSW), Australia:

  1. Single Rate Tariff: This is a flat rate that applies to all day and night electricity consumption. It is the most basic and popular rate that is offered.
  2. Time of Use Tariff: This tariff levies various rates depending on whether energy is used at peak, off-peak, or shoulder times. For households that use the majority of their energy during off-peak and shoulder hours, this tariff may be advantageous.
  3. Controlled Load Tariff: This tariff levies a reduced rate for particular appliances, such as hot water systems or pool pumps, that are connected to a separate metre and are only used during off-peak hours. Families who use these items frequently may benefit from this tariff.
The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) is a government program in NSW designed to encourage energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Under this program, businesses and households can earn energy savings certificates by implementing energy-efficient upgrades and retrofits. These certificates can then be sold to electricity retailers or other businesses to help them meet their energy efficiency targets. The Energy Savings Scheme has set a goal of 9.5% energy savings by 2023 and 10% by 2030.
Peak and off-peak electricity rates refer to the different rates charged for electricity usage during different times of day. Peak rates are typically higher and apply during times of high demand, such as during the day or in the evening. Off-peak rates are lower and apply during times of lower demand, such as overnight or on weekends.
The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme was a government program that provided feed-in tariffs to households and businesses that installed solar panels before the scheme ended in 2016. While this program is no longer available, households and businesses can still participate in other solar programs and incentives offered by the government and electricity providers. Rebate Solar Swap: By installing 3 kilowatt solar systems on their homes, this offer enables low-income homeowners to lower their electricity costs. With solar, you can cut your electricity costs by up to $600 a year while also reducing your environmental impact.
Many electricity providers in NSW offer discounts for paying bills on time or setting up direct debit payments. These discounts can range from a few percent to a significant percentage off your bill, so it is recommended to check with your provider to see if they offer any such incentives.
If you think your meter is broken, you have the authority to arrange for it to be tested under the National Energy Customer Framework (NECF). To schedule a meter test, get in touch with your vendor. You may be required to pay for the expense of the meter test if it turns out that the meter is operationally sound. Before requesting a meter test, find out the price you might be charged because it can differ.
An advanced electricity meter that can offer real-time data on your energy consumption is called a smart meter. These meters can give you a better understanding of your energy utilisation and show you where you can cut back and lower your costs. Electricity providers can remotely watch and manage energy consumption thanks to smart meters, which increases productivity and lowers costs.
To compare electricity providers in NSW, you can start by using the Select & Switch online comparison tool. This tool allow you to compare plans from different providers based on factors such as rates, fees, and contract terms. It’s important to consider your own electricity usage habits and needs when comparing providers, as well as any discounts or incentives they may offer.
It’s a good idea to compare electricity providers in NSW every year or so to ensure you are getting the best deal on your electricity bill. Electricity rates and plans can change frequently, and providers may offer new discounts or incentives, so it’s important to stay up to date.
You can use the free online comparison tool from Select and Switch. Click on comparison and add your personal and electricity usage details. Once you have selected a plan you like, we will handle all the details and work with your new electricity provider in NSW. We will then guide you through the switching process, which may involve a credit check and a connection fee, depending on your provider.
Depending upon the terms of your exiting plan, a disconnection cost from your present provider may apply. A connection fee may be incurred from the new provider when changing electricity providers in NSW . Depending on the supplier and your unique situation, these costs may change. To entice customers to switch, some providers, however, might waive connection costs or give bill credits.
If you have solar panels or want a green energy plan, you can compare providers based on their offerings with these features. For clients who have solar panels or want to use renewable energy sources, many providers give plans that are specially created for them. To make sure you are receiving the best deal, thoroughly read the plan’s details and compare prices, feed-in tariffs and fees.
Previously, changing providers could take up to 90 days for an account to be transferred; currently, the waiting period is as little as 48 hours. Nonetheless, the time it takes to switch electricity plans varies based on the providers involved and the specifics of the switch. During this period, your new provider will coordinate with your old provider to make the change, and you will be notified when it is done.
During the switch procedure, there shouldn’t be any interruptions to your electricity supply. To ensure a smooth transition, your new provider will work with your current provider, and you should continue to receive energy as usual.
If you switch to a new provider before the contract’s end date, you might be charged early termination fees if your existing electricity contract hasn’t yet run its course. Make sure to thoroughly read the terms of your contract and weigh the costs of switching providers against the costs of sticking with your current one until the contract expires.
You can research your electricity provider to determine if they are a reputable and reliable company. Look up details about their track record, financial stability, and customer service scores. To find out if there have been any complaints or enforcement steps taken against the supplier, you can also contact the Australian Energy Regulator. You can also check out the customer reviews and consult with friends and family for recommendations.

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