Expert Guide: Energy Locals Review and Ratings

Experience energy like never before with Energy Locals – your not-so-average Australian energy company revolutionising the industry. Say goodbye to the traditional energy model and embrace a cleaner, cheaper, and fairer future for your household, business, or development project. We’re committed to combating climate change by providing clean energy without the premium price tag. As a member, you’ll support a sustainable future with most of our plans offering carbon offsets or green energy. With no lock-in contracts, you’ll have the freedom to choose and stay with us because you want to. Enjoy transparent and affordable pricing while our innovative systems ensure cost-efficient power. Compare our plans now and join the energy revolution with Energy Locals.

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Comparison Chart for Energy Services in Various States

If you’re searching for energy providers to meet your residential or commercial energy requirements, your search ends here. This chart provides a comprehensive overview of Energy Locals services and service types in your city.
State Electricity Gas
VIC Available Not Available
NSW Available Not Available
QLD Available Not Available
TAS Available Not Available
SA Available Not Available

Energy Locals Plans

With a promise of exceptional customer service and transparency in their plans,
Energy Locals offers clean energy to residences and commercial spaces.

Energy Locals Online Member


Become an Energy Locals Online Member and enjoy the benefits of a 100% carbon-neutral plan. With the option to add-on GreenPower, you can further support renewable energy sources. Rest assured, our Australian customer support team is always available to assist you. Experience the convenience of monthly billing, making it easier to manage your energy expenses. With Energy Locals Online Membership, you have the power to make a positive impact on the environment while receiving reliable support.

  • Available in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and the ACT.
  • Access to wholesale electricity prices for a small membership fee.
  • No exit fees and lock-in contracts.

Energy Locals Local Member


Join Energy Locals as a Local Member and take advantage of our commitment to sustainability. Enjoy the flexibility of monthly billing without any credit card fees. Our plan prices are not fixed, allowing you to explore different options based on your evolving energy needs. As an Energy Locals Local Member, you contribute to a cleaner future while benefiting from transparent pricing and cost-efficient energy solutions. Experience the difference of being a part of a community-focused energy company that prioritises fairness and sustainability. Make the switch today and embrace a greener energy alternative with Energy Locals.

  • Available in NSW, Victoria, QLD, SA, TAS and the ACT.
  • Access to wholesale energy rates for a monthly membership fee.
  • Flexible payment options with no credit card fees.
  • No exit fees and lock-in contracts.

Discover Your Ideal Green Energy
Plan with Energy Locals

How To Switch To Energy Locals From
The Select and Switch Website

To switch to Energy Locals through the Select and Switch website, follow these steps:

Comparison Phase

Step 1: Go to the comparison portal on the Select and Switch website homepage. Then, enter your postal code or suburb in the search bar.

Step 2: Choose the type of energy you want to compare.

Step 3: Confirm whether you have solar panels.

Step 4: Select your property type (residential or business) and movement status (new or existing property).

Step 5: Indicate if you are a concession card holder.

Step 6: Specify if anyone in your home requires life support or emergency assistance.

Step 7: Provide recent bills usage information.

Apply Phase

Once you’ve submitted the above information, you’ll see the available plans for you. You can then sign up for a plan online or request a call back for more information by entering your personal details (name, phone number, email, and address) after making your selections on the Select and Switch website.

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Energy Locals is proud to be a portfolio company of Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, a globally recognised investor specialising in low-carbon and renewable energy infrastructure. As Quinbrook’s representative for Australia, we bring their expertise and distributed energy solutions to the local market. This partnership further strengthens our commitment to providing sustainable and innovative energy options to our customers.

Yes, Energy Locals is highly regarded as a reputable company for electricity. They are committed to offering 100% carbon-neutral plans and providing options for customers to support renewable energy through add-on features like GreenPower. With transparent pricing, innovative systems, and a focus on customer satisfaction, Energy Locals has gained a positive reputation within the industry.

Energy Locals is a great choice for individuals and businesses looking for sustainable and affordable energy options. Their commitment to clean energy and fair pricing makes them an attractive option for those who want to make a positive environmental impact while receiving reliable and cost-effective electricity services. It is recommended to compare their plans and features to determine if they align with your specific needs and preferences.

Currently, Energy Locals primarily focuses on electricity services, so they do not offer bundled gas and electricity plans.

Yes, GST (Goods and Services Tax) is generally included in the electricity rates provided by Energy Locals. However, it is always recommended to review the terms and conditions or contact their customer support for specific details regarding GST inclusion and any applicable taxes or charges.

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