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As the day-to-day costs of living out of lockdown are set to return, 2022 presents a great opportunity to save money on your electricity bills. Whether it’s for your office or home residence, it’s likely there is a better electricity deal waiting for you. We all want to compare electricity plans in our state and find the one that reflects our usage but we don’t always have the time or don’t know where to look. As professionals in comparing energy deals across Australia, Select and Switch have helped countless Australian’s save on their energy bills by doing the research for you. We can help you find better electricity plans for your business as well as your home in a matter of minutes.

Electricity Plans Comparison Made Easy

Whether it’s coal, hydroelectricity or natural gas, Australia is one of the world’s most resourceful nations when it comes to energy production. There are around 114 energy providers in charge of satisfying our nation’s demand and no matter where you live, chances are there is more than one provider in your area. These providers have different costs for electricity supply and if you were to undertake a detailed analysis, you’re likely to find a better price for the same usage.

When it comes to energy providers in Australia, environmental impact and the type of energy produced are amongst some of the consumer considerations. For others, it’s purely budgetary and cheap rates are the top priority. Every energy provider in Australia is continuously looking to improve their carbon footprint and some of them also promote themselves as the cheapest electricity providers in Australia.

However, given the complexity of energy production and supply, it’s key to have access to impartial and specialised knowledge that can help you narrow your search. As specialists in the energy comparison market, we work with some of the leading electricity producers across Australia. Based on our industry expertise, we understand the rates and reputations of a wide range of providers and make comparing them easy, clear and quick. Many factors can influence the electricity prices of a particular provider such as the transportation and state tax clauses. Select and Switch specialises in understanding all the variables and determining the best possible electricity plans for its users.

It is now easy to find the electricity providers in your area and compare them based on specific parameters including cost, green energy, or feed in tariffs. At Select and Switch, we also recommend plans that we think provide the best savings and value for you.

Why Compare Electricity Plans With Select and Switch?

  • Save big by switching to an electricity plan that is better suited to your needs.
  • Explore discounts and offers that you may be eligible for.
  • Enter the right type of contract and understand the benefits you are entitled to.
  • Understand the offers in your area and make an informed choice.

Compare Electricity Providers in Australia

Australia is an enormous market for both energy consumption and production. As such, some of these providers may bill themselves as the best, cheapest or most environmentally friendly (or all three). But as consumers, how can you figure out which is providing the best electricity plans for your residence or office based on your personal usage? That’s undoubtedly a hard nut to crack but Select and Switch are here to help. We study electricity providers in Australia, analyse their performance and collaborate with them based on the value they can provide to customers. Between our collaborations and partnerships, we provide recommendations to our clients to help save them spending excessively on their electricity plans. Get in touch with us today to explore the different electricity providers in your area in order to get the best deal possible.

Finding Cheap Electricity Deals in Australia

As mentioned, Select and Switch does not claim to provide you with the cheapest electricity plans in Australia. But, we do collaborate with some of the best and most cost-efficient electricity providers in Australia. We may be able provide you with better electricity plans than the one you are on.

Our team of reliable experts understand how the energy market dynamics work and how the electricity providers in your locality respond to global and local supply, labour and political factors. Based on these and other macro-environmental factors, we can offer deals that may benefit you in the short and long term.

As specialists in comparing prices and service quality, we are driven by our passion for helping Aussies get a better deal. We encourage everyone to save as much money as possible when subscribing to an electricity plan for their home or office. We are confident in our knowledge and our industry-leading reputation is a result of high customer satisfaction.

Get in touch with us today to find the most suitable electricity plan for your home or business. Let us help you to start saving today.


The process of comparing electricity plans in Australia is very straightforward. Follow the steps on our site by starting with your postcode and then enter your recent bill data, and you’ll be able to compare yourself.

When changing plans, you will have to provide information about where you live, your current tariff and usage, and some other basic information.

With Select and Switch, you can compare electricity plans in just five minutes, and also submit your request to switch to your better energy offer.

Generally, there are two types of electricity plans, i.e. fixed and variable. Fixed plans have a set rate that stays the same throughout the year. Variable or Standard offers fluctuate based on the market price of energy in your state or area.

The best way to start saving money on the electricity bill is to determine how much you are currently spending on electricity and then compare that with what you could be paying if you switched to a different company with a better energy plan or offer. On top of that you can also implement energy saving actions in your home to reduce your electricity bills.

There is no point in paying extra if you can get better deals on your electricity and gas. If you are not happy with your current electricity provider or want to save on electricity bills, you should consider switching to a new electricity plan.

Most people want to save money on their existing bills, and some wish to streamline both their gas and electricity payments into one account – making it easier to budget in the home.

It’s best to research the electricity providers available in your area and their plans. Or you can simply compare the various electricity providers using our online comparison tool. Find out what the company offers, how much they charge, what kind of plans they offer, and let us know if you want to switch from your current provider.

Certainly not. Switching electricity plans costs you nothing. And our comparison service is also completely free.

In the past there used to be exit fees with some retailers and offers but this is not generally the case now. It is wise to check with your current retailer if there are any charges to exit and this would depend on the terms of your current agreement. Exit fees are typically quite low and should be much less than the savings you can make due to switching, so even if you do have an exit fee, you may still make an overall saving on the new offer.

Definitely not. You won’t experience any interruption in electricity service when changing energy plans  or switching retailers.

When you move to a new house, you will need to connect the power at the new address. This will generally be on a different plan from the one you were on at your old house. It will depend on your new location, the retailer you choose and other factors.

Moving to a new house is a fantastic time to look for cheaper energy offers and save money. Our online comparison tool will help you find a great offer for your new house and also allow you to choose the preferred date for your power to be connected so that when you move in, you can focus on more important things.

It is highly recommended that you switch as soon as possible to avoid overpaying and maximise savings. Once you complete a comparison using our online tool and find a better electricity plan, you can also submit your request to switch to the new plan to us and we will help you switch to ensure you can begin saving.

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