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Multiple tariff structures with different pricing and rates, location-based network charges, renewable energy targets, and peak demand charges are some of the things you might have to consider.
Businesses can compare prices from different business electricity providers and/or implement energy management strategies during peak periods in order to find the most economical plan. Find the best business electricity deal in Victoria with Select & Switch.
We provide up-to-date information, expert advice, and customised recommendations to simplify the energy comparison process. And we also regularly update information regarding business electricity retailer plans and tariffs and provide tailored advice on pricing factors to meet individual needs.
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Select and Switch offers cost-effective energy plans for businesses for electricity from a range of energy providers. In the long run, this can result in significant cost savings.

The electricity needs for business vary, which is why the Select and Switch comparison tool helps compare business electricity providers so that an energy plan that best suits your exact needs can be found. In addition, the comparison can also help improve the energy efficiency of businesses by identifying peak demand periods and implementing energy-saving measures during those periods.



Providing businesses with professional advice to find the best-value electricity plans.


Tailored energy solutions to businesses.


Transparent, accurate, relevant, and up-to-date energy plans and pricing structures.


Quick comparison between various business electricity plans to save time.

Need help selecting the right electricity plan for your business in VIC? Call Select and Switch today on 1800 959 969 and let our experts guide you through the process.

Business Electricity Provider
Comparison in Victoria

It may take some time and effort to find a more cost-effective electricity plan for your company. You must be aware of how energy merchants operate, how their prices are determined, and how to bargain if you want to secure the best possible deal for your company. It’s simple to locate the best energy offers from our network of vendors using Select and Switch.

You have a wide range of options to choose from when comparing energy plans in Victoria, and the time has come to locate one with a lower cost per kilowatt than your present plan.

Business Electricity Providers in VICDescription
Simply EnergyWith competitive pricing, flexible contract options, and carbon-neutral energy options available for you to sign up to, businesses can minimise their carbon footprint. No lock-in contracts or exit fees, just freedom and affordability. You can find a plan that meets your needs and benefit from their great deals and discounts.
Tango EnergyAustralian based award-winning customer service team. Owned by Pacific Hydro Australia and their electricity offers have no hidden fees, straightforward pricing structures and no lock-in contracts making them a great choice for your business.
Blue NRGAn Australian owned company that specialises in business electricity, and providing accurate and clear information with a Melbourne-based support team. In partnership with Select and Switch, they will assess your business’s energy needs and aim to help reduce your energy costs.
1st EnergyBased in Australia, this company aims to provide customers with a cost-effective electricity plan that actually reflects the real cost of doing business. Also, maintaining your account online is simple, with a number of easy payment methods. They offer excellent customer service and quick resolutions.
Alinta EnergyAlinta Energy business customers have access to a dedicated account manager who works to understand your businesses and electricity requirements. They provide supportive and reliable customer service, do not charge lock-in contracts or exit fees, and do not charge credit card fees, including for AMEX.
Energy LocalsEnergy Locals is proudly Australian based and operated. As a provider of clean, reliable, and cost-effective energy, they serve individuals, small businesses, and large commercial enterprises. A secure online portal, available 24 hours a day, allows you to manage most of your account details online.
DodoFlexible contract terms and no hidden fees make Dodo an ideal option for businesses looking for a simple business energy plan. My Dodo, their online account management tool, allows you to monitor and manage your usage.
Next Business EnergyBusiness Electricity specialists who power everything from SMEs to large enterprises with competitive pricing and flexible contract options. A 100% Australian-owned business electricity provider. Customer service centres are based here in Australia, and they have dedicated account managers for your business energy plan.

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Electricity Saving Tips

To save electricity and reduce costs, business owners can take practical steps. Tips for saving electricity includes:

An energy audit: Having an energy audit conducted by a professional can help identify areas for energy efficiency improvements. Using this information can help you reduce your energy consumption in an informed way.

Energy-efficient equipment: Switch to energy-efficient lighting, appliances that are Energy Star-rated, and motion sensor lights. It can result in significant energy savings and a reduction in electricity bills.

Heating and cooling costs: A programmable thermostat, insulation, and natural ventilation can reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Unplug electronics: As up to 10% of electricity is consumed by standby power, employees should be encouraged to unplug and turn off electronics when not in use.

Peak hour usage: During peak hours, electricity bills can be reduced by scattering work schedules, adjusting temperatures, and turning off non-essential equipment.

Renewable energy: If you want to power your business with renewable energy, consider solar panels as an investment to support your energy needs.

Electrcity awareness: Promote electricity conservation among employees, and encourage them to adopt energy-saving habits both at home and at work.

Business owners can reduce electricity bills, promote sustainability, and contribute to a more sustainable future by following these business electricity-saving tips.

What Our Customers Say


The following are some of the energy retailers which provide business electricity in VIC: Simply Energy, Tango Energy, Blue NRG, 1st Energy, Alinta Energy, Energy Locals, Dodo, and Next Business Energy.

There are five distribution regions in Victoria, each with its own electricity distribution company. The distributors are AusNet Services in eastern Victoria, Powercor in western Victoria, Citipower in Melbourne CBD and suburbs, Jemena in north-western Melbourne, and United Energy in southern and eastern Melbourne. Among their duties are maintaining the electricity infrastructure, including poles, wires, and substations, and ensuring safe and reliable electricity delivery.

It is important to compare the business electricity plans in VIC based on a variety of factors, including pricing, contract options, customer service, energy efficiency, and environmental impact. To find the best business plan for your business, you can use the Select and Switch online comparison tools to compare business electricity plans in VIC.

Generally, businesses are charged more for electricity compared to residential customers because businesses consume and demand more energy. It is important to note, however, that rates may differ depending on the specific plan and provider.

A rebate and incentive program called the Victorian Energy Upgrades Scheme (VEU) is available to businesses that implement energy-efficient upgrades and improvements. Households and businesses can take advantage of rebates and discounts offered by the VEU program to promote energy efficiency. In addition, businesses can deduct eligible energy-efficient investments under the Federal Government’s Instant Asset Write-off program. Small businesses with 19 employees or fewer may qualify for up to $2000 in bonuses under the Small Business Energy Saver Program.

A Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEEC) can be issued to businesses installing energy-efficient products. Each VEEC represents one tonne of greenhouse gas that does not enter the atmosphere. The Victorian Government sets annual emissions targets that accredited providers must meet by selling these certificates to energy retailers.

The VEU program requires businesses to work with an Accredited Provider authorised to install energy-efficient products. Business owners will be guided through the process and will be able to access discounts on products and services through the provider.

Through the VEU program, businesses can save money on energy costs by purchasing energy-efficient products at a discount or receiving incentives. Savings depend on market activity and certificate price. Depending on the size of the company and the upgrades made, energy costs can be reduced by $500 to $74,000 per year. In addition to reducing their environmental impact, businesses can contribute to a more sustainable future by participating in the program.

Businesses that pay on time or implement energy-saving measures may qualify for discounts and incentives from electricity providers. Check each energy retailers offers and available discounts using the Select and Switch online comparison tool or contact your energy provider, to find out if you qualify for any discounts.

Contact your electricity provider in the event of a power outage to report the issue and receive an estimated restoration time. You may be able to obtain emergency generators or backup power supplies in some cases.

If you own a business in Victoria, you can reduce your electricity bills in several ways. Tips to keep in mind:

  • Assess your energy usage to identify areas for improvement.
  • Use energy-efficient equipment and appliances, such as LED lighting and air conditioning systems.
  • Make use of energy-saving practices, such as switching off lights when not in use and reducing air conditioning.

Time-of-use tariffs charge different rates based on the time of day, whereas single-rate tariffs charge the same rate throughout the day. During a billing period, businesses are charged for their highest electricity consumption based on demand-based tariffs. Businesses are therefore charged not only for energy consumed but also for peak demand.

Business owners in Victoria can utilise solar energy options and feed-in tariffs. Business owners can produce their own electricity through the installation of solar panels, thus reducing their dependence on grid power. The feed-in tariff allows businesses to sell any excess solar energy they generate to the grid, reducing their costs.

You should consider factors such as the energy usage patterns of your business, the size of your business, as well as the types of equipment and appliances you use when choosing a business electricity plan in Victoria. Additionally, the cost of the plan, the contract terms and conditions, and any additional charges and fees should be considered.

In Victoria, the Victorian Ombudsman investigates and resolves complaints from the public regarding state and local government actions, including those affecting residential and business customers. There are complaints they can investigate from businesses and individuals in Victoria.

The Victorian Ombudsman can be contacted by mail or email, online through their complaint form, or by phone via their complaints line. A complaint will be assessed by the Ombudsman, and its jurisdiction will be determined. Upon receiving a complaint, they will investigate it and work toward resolving it.

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