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Victoria is home to many residential energy plans and is one of the most competitive energy markets in Australia. If your current residential plan doesn’t offer a discount or a cheap price, now is the time to compare and switch plans. With Select and Switch, you can find the best energy deals in VIC in only 5 minutes. Our residential energy plan comparison tool will help you to compare, select and switch energy plans from some of the best energy providers in the market.

Why Select and Switch Is the Best Option for Switching Your Energy Plan?

  • Save time by searching for a better electricity and gas energy plan easily from different providers, all in one place.
  • Our customer service is staffed with the best energy consultants who are ready to help you with your queries.
  • You pay nothing for using our tool and our comparison service is 100% free. Energy providers pay us a commission for each customer we help switch.
  • We’ve made it simple to compare and select energy plans from our range of energy retailers that will fit your household needs.
  • We encourage you to look for eco-friendly energy solutions for your residential needs.
  • You can get to the latest residential energy offers from our energy providers in your area.

Compare The Cheapest Energy Plans in VIC

Whether you are moving to a new place and looking for an energy provider to connect your power and gas, or you want to save on your existing electricity and gas bill, Select and Switch will help you with your needs. You can find the cheapest and best residential energy plans offered by our panel of reliable energy providers for your household in Victoria. All you have to do is to share your postcode or suburb with some of your residential details, and you can find the latest offers and energy plans from our list of leading energy retailers.

Switch To Affordable Energy Plans

With a wide range of energy dealers in Victoria, switching to a better plan is easier than you think. Before comparing and switching to a new energy provider, you’ve got to analyze your energy needs and budget. If you are looking to cut the expenses on your electricity and gas, Select and Switch will assist you in comparing, selecting and switching your energy provider.

We have a team of residential energy consultants who can help you with any of your queries about switching energy. We compare plans across all areas of VIC to make sure that you get the best energy deal available from our energy partners. We not only save you money but also save you the time it takes to compare the latest energy plans and offers we have in the market.

Sometimes, it may not be the cheapest deal that works for you. In this case, we can help you find the most suitable deal for your needs from the offers available from our panel of energy partners. Since, we have a great range of energy retailers in Victoria, finding the right provider is no longer a challenge or hassle for you.

With rising energy prices, now is the perfect time for you to compare your energy offer and find a better energy plan. Let us quickly help you find savings and other great benefits from a new energy provider. Are you ready to switch your energy plans? Use our residential energy comparison tool to find a better energy deal in the market in only a few minutes.


To find the best energy deals that our panel of energy retailers has in Victoria, you can use our online residential energy comparison tool. In no time it will help you find a list of the best and most affordable energy plans we have available from our leading energy partners in your area.

Many energy concessions and rebates are available to eligible citizens all over Victoria. You will need to provide your relevant concession details which will be verified by your energy retailer. Some of the concessions that are available include are:

  • Annual electricity concession
  • Winter gas concession
  • Excess gas concession
  • Non-mains energy concession
  • Electricity transfer fee waiver concession
Your average bill will vary and depend upon the number of people in your household, your energy habits, tariff, distributor, energy retailer and your energy plan and rates.
You can use our free energy comparison tool to find the best energy plans and offers from our energy providers in your area. Select and Switch makes it easy for you to compare, select and switch energy providers effortlessly.

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