How much you spend on energy and gas is determined by your usage, location and your ability to compare providers. One of the easiest ways to cut costs on your electricity and gas is to choose the best plan; however, this can be time consuming without any help. With free assistance from Select and Switch, you are now able to compare local energy rates and plans to see how much money you can save just by switching.

Due to the effects of the pandemic, employees were forced to remain and work from home where possible. As a result, the residential load demand has increased significantly as compared to that of commercial and industrial load. This situation has created challenges for every household regarding the payment of their gas and electricity bills.

It is never an easy task to predict how much money we’re going to spend on our utilities each month as different factors can influence our usage. Whether you’re looking for electricity or gas plans, the specialists at Select and Switch can help you locate a lower energy package based on your usage habits and preferences. You may compare energy rates within your region, locate a better bargain and switch to your new offer in only a few minutes. Comparing is completely free and a great way to educate and start saving in a short amount of time.

As lockdowns abate in Australia and employees head back to their respective offices, businesses and residences alike are set to revert close to their pre-pandemic usage. Because every household and business is distinct and has various demands, a variety of tariffs have to be provided for the different usages and thus expert guidance is highly recommended. There are strategies you can employ to cut down on your power and gas consumption, and they are:

  • If you have a tumble dryer, use it less often and dry your clothes outside or by an open window.
  • Set your washing machine to use cold water and wash a full load whenever possible on cold.
  • You can keep your fridge temperature set to between 3 to 5 degrees Celsius and defrost your freezer on a regular basis.
  • Use energy-saving light bulbs such as LEDs or CFLs.
  • If you’re not using a plug socket, keep it turned off at all times.

With the Select and Switch energy cost calculator tool, you will be presented with the most suitable deals based on prospective savings thus allowing you to make an informed decision regarding your gas and electricity.

Select and Switch is one of Australia’s most reputable energy comparison services making it fast and free to locate a better energy offer for your house or business. Their findings are ranked by price and are completely unbiased so you can compare, select, and switch energy suppliers in under 5 minutes. They offer this service to many different regions in Australia as their goal is to provide a better deal and help as many people and businesses around the country.

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