In most cases, one of the highest utility bills of any business is its energy bill. A busy workplace full of employees needs lights, heating and cooling, plus enough power to run all the devices and computers in the office, which is why their energy bills are often so high. However, the good thing is that there are plenty of ways to lower your bills, some of which we might already know, but there are some that you might not know about.

These are three significant steps you need to follow when it comes to saving on your energy bills.

  1. Get Informed – You tend to miss out on many things when you are not adequately informed about how your energy bill works. This includes what factors contribute to a high energy bill and the lifestyle factors often associated. You cannot take any action when you don’t know precisely what is happening.
  2. Get Organised – When you get your electricity bill, you need to understand it and identify where your energy is most consumed to know where to start.
  3. Switch Retailers If Required – Comparing energy companies is crucial to realise your energy bill is way too high. Do not hesitate to switch energy companies if you find a better option.



If you are following all of the steps mentioned above but are still not able to control your bills, here are some of the things that you might be missing:

Clean and Maintain Your Equipment

Turning off your equipment when it’s not in use is the first thing you should do if you want to save energy. However, we often forget to also clean and maintain our electrical and mechanical equipment.

Older equipment consumes more energy as it struggles to keep up with constant use. Try regular cleaning and maintenance of your machines, or replace them if necessary, and you will likely see the changes on your energy bill.

Optimise Appliances

These days, almost all of our appliances have settings to help us increase our energy savings from a desktop computer to the refrigerator. This might seem like a small saving but remember, small leaks often sink great ships. The same applies when it comes to your energy.

However, you have to ensure that any optimisation for energy saving is not impacting the employees or the business.

Take Advantage Of Nature

Before you rely on artificial lights and heating systems, think about how you can use natural light, air, and heat. Generating solar energy is also an excellent idea to decrease the cost of energy. You may have to make an initial investment for installation, but it has a good return on investment.

If you have a tough time dealing with your energy provider, you can always get professional help from an organisation like Select and Switch. Select and Switch have an extensive network of partners from various industries, including energy. They do all the work on your behalf to find the best energy deal for you by comparing, negotiating, and switching you to a better energy retailer.

Select and Switch offers a 100% free service with no hidden charges. You can contact them and get a no-obligation free quote, and they will help find the right offer for you.

So, business owners, contact Select and Switch and take a step towards saving on your commercial energy bill.

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