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  • If you’re a senior or pensioner, you might be eligible for a rebate on your energy bills.
  • Most states in Australia offer some sort of energy bill rebate to seniors and pensioners with valid senior health cards or pensioner concession cards.
  • Households can only qualify for one Senior Energy Rebate per financial year, although multiple retirees may live at the same address.


Are seniors eligible for energy rebates in Australia?

If you’re struggling to pay your electricity bill, it’s time to consider a government rebate if you are a senior.

Energy bill rebates are offered in every Australian state and territory, and only a fraction of people seem to realise it even though thousands of people may be eligible for these concessions.

If you’re a senior citizen, you must leverage the Senior Energy Rebate. It’s a money back in your pocket and off your energy bills, and it’s easy to apply.


What is the Senior Energy Rebate?

The Senior Energy Rebate is a rebate from the government to help seniors with the cost of their electricity. It is available to eligible seniors and pensioners who hold particular Health and Concession cards in Australia.

What are the exact details of the energy bill rebates?

The precise details of the energy bill rebates are advised by the government in individual states. Some energy rebates for seniors cover gas and electricity, while others only cover one.


Who qualifies for the Senior Energy Rebate?

Eligible seniors in New South Wales can apply directly online for the Senior Energy Rebate and submit the required details, such as personal information, contact details, and banking or Credit Union details. After you have successfully submitted your application, you should receive your payment directly into your bank account within five working days. In other states, your energy provider will help you to receive the senior energy rebate.


Rebate eligibility around Australia.

While the details and eligibility of these rebates vary, you’re eligible for some discount and help on your energy bills if you hold a concession card.

You can find the details of the rebates available in your area.


Area Amount Type Eligibility
NSW $200 per household per year Electricity rebate. ●     Be a resident of New South Wales

●     Hold a valid Commonwealth Seniors Health Card from Centrelink or the DVA

●     Be registered as the primary account holder on your electricity bill

●     Applicable for your primary residence in New South Wales only


QLD $372.20 for electricity.

$80.77 for natural gas per household per year.

Electricity & Natural gas rebate. ●     Pensioner Concession Card

●     Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card.

●     Queensland Seniors Card.

●     Commonwealth Senior. Health Care Card (Electricity Rebate only.


VIC A 17.5% off your electricity bill and 17.5% off your gas bill. Electricity & Winter gas rebate. ●     Be a resident of Victoria.

●     Be an account holder.

●     Have a Pensioner Concession Card.

TAS A discount of 140.70c for the electricity bill each day. An allowance of $28 twice a year for your heating bills. Electricity & Heating rebate. ●     DHS or DVA Pensioner Concession Card

●     DHA Health Care Card, or an ImmiCard


WA $305.25 annually for help with your energy bills. Energy bills Should be a resident of Western Australia, & have one of the following cards:

●     Centrelink Health Care Card

●     Centrelink Pensioner Concessions Card

●     Veteran Affairs Gold Card

●     Centrelink Commonwealth Seniors card.



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