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  • Selecting the right energy provider for your home or business is crucial for seamless operations and managing energy bills effectively.
  • When faced with common problems like inaccurate billing or disruptions in energy supply, proactive communication with your provider and following specific steps can help resolve issues promptly.
  • Regularly review energy bills, understand consumption patterns, and explore alternative providers to prevent future issues and optimise energy management.


Energy plans are a quintessential necessity for households and businesses. Having proper, flexible energy plans makes a living or running a business as smooth as it gets. For this, you need a reliable business or residential energy provider in your location. Compare energy plans in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Southern Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory with Select and Switch. We will help you find the best energy provider in your locations.

Selecting a proper energy provider for businesses or households is one way to make peace with your energy bills. Besides this, there may be times when you need to resolve some disputes with your providers. In times like making a complaint or solving a dispute with your providers, it will be helpful if you know the best way to do it. In this blog post, we will discuss some common issues most businesses or individual consumers face and ways to resolve them.


Problems you might encounter with your energy provider in Australia


Issues with energy providers are not unheard of. Since we use energy forms like electricity, gas, and solar on a daily basis, problems are bound to arise. Such problems could be the result of a lack of effective management from your providers or a lack of proper understanding about effective energy management from your side.

Here are the most common issues households or businesses face from their energy providers in Australia;


  • Inaccurate billing
  • Improper enrollment (your energy provider may enrol your energy plans to unaccounted plans due to some misunderstanding)
  • Additional charges or undisclosed fees
  • Disruption in energy supply
  • Sudden energy cut-offs
  • Sudden price hikes
  • Poor customer service, like poor response time


Businesses and households in Australia can face any of these issues from their providers on any day. When faced with such problems, you must contact your energy provider and try to resolve them promptly; the longer you wait, the more it will hamper your energy bills and finances. You can follow some simple tips as your immediate response approach.


Tips to resolve issues with your energy provider in Australia


When faced with problems like those mentioned above or others, it is recommended you act as a wise customer. You can become a conscious customer and try to solve the issues you face from your energy providers by doing the following;

Bring the problem to your energy provider’s notice

The biggest of the problems can be resolved by communicating. You should bring the issues you face to your provider’s attention. Never procrastinate in your response to any unfavourable situations arising from your energy providers.

When you inform your residential energy provider or business energy provider of the issues, they can try to solve them. As a customer, it is your right to complain and enjoy an undisrupted and lawful energy supply.


Gather information and Document it


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When you reach out to your energy provider in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Southern Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, or any other location, you may need evidence to back your claim. Your residential or business energy provider may ask about the nature or timeframe of the problem.

So, before contacting your energy provider, gather all the relevant information, such as details of your energy plans, the nature of the problem (is it related to billing, service disruptions, cut-offs, or others), relevant dates, and impact on your household or business. If possible, document the relevant information as well.


Be clear about your desired outcome


While you contact your energy provider, you should have a clear understanding of what you need. Based on your problems, the likely outcome can differ, say bill correction, restoration of service, unaltered supply, or even an apology.


Keep records of your interaction with your energy provider


If a problem is not solved promptly, your records of previous communication with the provider regarding the problem will be helpful. By keeping records of your interaction (be it phone calls or emails) with your provider, you can hold them accountable in the future.


Seek external help


If you do not receive the desired outcome from your energy provider regarding your problem, you can also seek external help. In Australia, you can contact the Energy Ombudsman based in your location or state regarding your issues with your energy provider. You can find the contact details of the Energy Ombudsman for your location on the Energy Made Easy website.


How to prevent future issues with your energy provider


As a customer, everyone wants to enjoy uninterrupted energy services. Whether you face a problem related to energy bills, power disruptions, or customer service, it is best to act promptly. After resolving any such issues from your energy provider, there are chances you will encounter something similar in the future. To ensure that you do not face common energy-related issues from your providers, you have to be cautious in your approach to energy management for your home or business.


Regularly reviewing your energy bills


One of the foundational steps in preventing issues with your energy provider is to review your energy bills consistently. Regular scrutiny allows you to identify any discrepancies, unusual charges, or unexpected fluctuations in your consumption patterns. Here are some key practices to adopt:


Check for Accuracy


Scrutinise your bills for accuracy in meter readings, tariff rates, and any additional charges. Also, you should verify that the billing period aligns with your actual usage timeframe.


Monitor Usage Patterns


Track your energy consumption patterns over different seasons. Identify any sudden spikes or drops in usage, which could indicate underlying issues or opportunities for optimisation.


Stay Informed


Keep yourself updated on the latest energy-related policies and regulations. Be aware of any changes in tariffs or government incentives that may impact your bills.


Understanding your energy usage


To address energy-related issues effectively, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your energy usage. By grasping your consumption patterns and potential areas for improvement, you empower yourself to make informed decisions. Here’s how you can achieve this:


Conduct an Energy Audit


Perform a comprehensive energy audit of your home or business to identify energy-intensive appliances and areas. You can also seek professional advice if needed to optimise your setup for energy efficiency.


Utilise Smart Meter Data


Leverage the data provided by smart meters to gain real-time insights into your energy usage. Setting up alerts or notifications for unusual spikes in consumption is another effective way to keep your energy usage in check.


Exploring Alternative Energy Providers


When you deal with persistent energy-related problems from your providers, it could be best to explore alternative providers. In the ever-evolving energy market, exploring alternative providers can be a proactive measure to ensure you have the best-suited plan for your needs. Consider the following steps:


Compare Energy Plans in VIC, QLD, NSW, SA, and ACT


Utilise online platforms like Select and Switch to compare energy plans available in your region. Select and Switch will help you compare the best energy providers in your area for your home and business. By comparing multiple providers and their plans, we will help you select the best energy plans for your home and business.


Explore Renewable Energy Options


Australia is effectively partaking in reducing its carbon footprint, and as a citizen, you can equally play a part. While switching energy providers, you can look for such providers offering renewable energy plans to contribute to sustainability efforts. Also, you should enquire about any government incentives or rebates available for adopting greener energy sources; this will be helpful in saving money on your energy bills.


In the dynamic landscape of energy consumption, it’s vital to partner with a reliable energy provider to enjoy a seamless energy supply. If you face any energy-related problems like billing issues, energy disruptions, or poor customer service, try to address the issue promptly. By following proactive steps, documenting interactions, and staying informed, you can not only resolve current problems but also prevent future disruptions.


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