A fair deal on gas and electricity plans is nothing more than the freedom to choose and change energy plans according to your needs and convenience.

In terms of getting a deal on your electricity and gas plans, it is much easier than you might have imagined. After you have an understanding of the basics to be able to make an educated decision about which gas or electricity plan to choose, the rest of the process of signing up for service will be a breeze.

Choosing your electricity and gas plan from the most trusted energy comparison platforms will not only provide you with the ability to compare electricity and gas plans and competitive rates, but it may also allow you to benefit from a fixed-rate plan, customer perks, and exceptional customer service as well.

Getting a fair deal from an energy supplier is easy, but from a consumer’s perspective, it’s very important to consider several factors that determine whether or not you’re getting a fair deal.

Here are five factors you should consider when choosing an electricity provider and getting yourself a fair deal.


Energy Use Tariffs

You need to know the system where you live before comparing electric and gas plans. States and regions have different energy tariffs based on electricity and gas consumption.

When you have a single rate tariff, you will be charged the same amount day in and day out. You can be charged different rates at different times of the day, such as peak (busy), off-peak (quiet), and shoulder (in-between). In peak times, rates are higher, while in off-peak times, they are lower.


On-time payment and direct debit discounts

You may be able to get a discount if you pay your energy bill on time or if you pay via direct debit. It could be a good idea to compare the discount amounts between suppliers to see if you can save some money this way.

To avoid being shocked when the deal expires and your electricity and gas bills rise, be aware that the discount may be for a set time period rather than for an unlimited time.

Keeping your energy consumption under control

What if you knew exactly how much electricity and gas you were using? Make comparisons between energy providers that offer tools to help you keep track of your usage and connection.

It is possible to measure how much energy you use, monitor your gas and electricity bills, and more with some providers’ apps and online services.


Customer service of energy providers

The electricity and gas that we use must run smoothly in the background, but this isn’t always the case. It is important to have a provider that offers fast assistance and good communication if anything goes wrong.

Make sure the providers you are considering offer good customer service. Having multiple channels of contact and friendly customer service will make them much easier to deal with.



Switch energy retailers or call your current provider if you haven’t yet – you might end up saving hundreds of dollars. Consider using an energy switching service if finding a better deal for yourself is too much of a hassle. Reduced household energy consumption (along with a lower carbon footprint) is a sensible strategy regardless of who supplies your electricity or gas.

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