It might be sad to have to move out of a place where you have lived for a while and say goodbye to your friends, neighbours, and favourite restaurants. However, what is more, stressful is settling down in your new place, and more specifically sorting out all the utilities like water, gas and electricity.

It can be overwhelming to dive into the unknown, especially when it involves money.

No one wants to pay more for electricity than they need to, but when you don’t know how to shop for energy deals, it could easily happen to you.

Here are some tips that will help you get through the confusion of electricity deals and settle into your new place:

Research, Research, Research

Good research always helps when you feel out of place. Research does the job of filling the gaps in your knowledge. You can talk to your neighbours about available retailers or simply use the internet.

The internet is the most significant source of knowledge we have, so utilise it when searching for electricity deals. Try searching for the best electricity provider in my area, and you will likely find a list of providers in your area with whom you can talk to about your energy requirements.


Being a home owner is stressful enough, you don’t need to be struggling to choose electricity and gas providers. Credit: Unsplash


Compare Electricity Prices

Getting a good deal on your electricity isn’t as difficult as you might think. You just need to have the confidence to negotiate with providers. Also, you don’t have to hesitate to say no to companies if you think they are not offering you a good enough deal.

When you ask for a quote and chat with a retailer, you are not obliged to lock in a deal with the same provider. There are several websites available in which you can compare electricity retailers, explore your options, compare electricity prices, calculate the savings and pick the best one.

Get Professional Help

It can be exhausting to find the best electricity provider, negotiate with them and deal with all the paperwork, especially when you are in a place that is unfamiliar. It’s okay if you are not used to doing all of these things yourself; several companies are here to help you find the best electricity deals on the market.

The professionals won’t just help you get the best electricity deal, but they will help you save on a range of household bills. However, you need to stay away from any scams and look for the businesses that can actually help you.

Select and Switch is one of Australia’s best energy management companies and works hard to help relieve the stress of searching for an energy provider. All you have to do is contact them, and their friendly and experienced consultants will help you find the best electricity deals for your new place.

You can also use their free moving home energy comparison service to find out the electricity rates of providers in your area. Apart from electricity, Select and Switch can also help you with gas, phone and internet. If you are shifting to a new place and need someone to take care of your energy connection, Select and Switch is just a call away!

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