As businesses start to find their feet in the remote work environment, it has also provided fertile grounds for hackers and cybercriminals. Since businesses around the world implemented work from home orders, cybersecurity threats have grown exponentially as a global economy of unprotected servers are still operating daily.

Every organization has its data stored on the web in the form of packets which are of great value to malicious actors who sell this data on the dark web. The data can be your personal information, login details or even payment details.

As per the IBM and the Ponemon Institute 2021 report, the remote work system is a compelling factor in data breaches across the world. Additionally, the rapid shift in working environments has led to more expensive cyberattacks compared to normal times.

The major victim of these threats in 2021 was Apache Log4j- a Java-based logging utility that is used as a logging software in several messaging and video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Google Meet and Hangouts. Information shared amongst employees on such video conferencing applications can be very risky and in December of 2021, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) reported the existence of a vulnerability in some versions of Apache Log4j. This has been extremely easy to exploit for most hackers and continues to pose a threat worldwide.

So, what can be done to protect your digital work environment and keep your data safe from cyberattacks? Robust cybersecurity provided by a reputable company is the best defence against unwanted attacks.

With three decades of experience in cybersecurity and a raft of international clients, our cybersecurity partner at Select and Switch are a choice selection for any industry operating online. They make it easy to find the most suitable cybersecurity plan for your business whilst allowing you to compare it to others in the market. With the statistics painting a grim picture of modern data breaches, peace of mind has never been so valuable.

Is Cyber Security a Good Measure?

As it is not clear how long business will operate remotely, cyberattacks will still continue to happen regardless. If you are unprotected and are exchanging valuable data between servers, you are prone to being attacked. Making a habit of using proxy servers and firewall systems to safeguard home routers as well as the use of strong passwords is recommended to companies as actionable safety measures.

You can also use a free network assessment to protect and secure your network against threats such as. Select and Switch can help you with a free network assessment and cyber security audit of your business. A cybersecurity provider is responsible for the safekeeping of the complete enterprise network, devices connected to the network, and all clouds and databases of the enterprise.

Get in touch with Select & Switch today to find the best cybersecurity package for your business.


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