Cyberattacks on video conferencing servers like Zoom, Google Meet amongst many others have rapidly grown since the beginning of the pandemic. More than 500,000 people globally faced data breaches while using video conferencing software between February to March of 2020. The demand for cyber security services for businesses is peaking.

The work from home order posed due to the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted several cyber security concerns for businesses around the world. The pandemic incurred a rapid digital transformation in the business landscape and businesses had an immediate task of conducting their operations outside of a traditionally secure office environment.  As a result, the use of technology has become more ingrained in both our professional and work life and we have come to depend on video conferencing. Despite technology becoming indispensable, many companies still lack comprehensive systems and solutions to ensure a cyber safe workspace. This is why the need for cyber security services for companies has become critical.

Without a proper cyber-safe environment, there is a high risk of data breaches. Data breaches are taking place everywhere around the world. As per data from the Australian Cyber Security Centre, there is a reported cyberattack every 8 minutes in Australia throughout 2020-21. In April 2020 alone, there were 350 reported cyberattack cases in Switzerland as per the Swiss National Cyber Security Centre.

Which Systems are Vulnerable?

One of the highly vulnerable systems in Australia and across the globe in 2021 is Log4j software. Apache Log4j is a Java logging framework and is used in several Java applications like messaging and video conference applications. On December 10, 2021, the Australian Cyber Security Centre released an alert statement regarding a serious vulnerability in the Log4j Java logging library. The vulnerability known as Log4Shell can bring catastrophic results like network compromise. This could lead to malicious cyber actors getting hold of your data from files to passwords. Organizations should make cyber security a priority to avoid any kind of data breach which could incur a loss of millions of dollars.

Avoid Data Breach with Cyber Security Service Providers

As businesses tend to rely more and more on technology, cyber security issues need the right focus and investment and to be handled professionally. You can look for a resourceful cyber security provider to help you protect your data from cyber actors. The Apache Log4j is used globally as its Java logging utility ranges from video conferencing and messaging applications, mobile device managers to web hosting. There are many cyber security options for your business to avoid any form of system or data compromise.

You can easily get a cyber security plan for your business with Select & Switch.

Select & Switch works with the global leaders in the cybersecurity industry with three decades of experience in cybersecurity and cyber security solutions which provide cyber security services for the largest companies around the world. There are cyber security plans for small businesses too. Let one of the leading cyber security providers in Australia protect your business and digital workspace and mitigate your cyber risks.

Analyse your System with Free Network Assessment

Implementing the correct cyber security solution is the best option to mitigate cyber security risks for your business. Part of this process is to conduct a security audit and analysis of your digital space and infrastructure with network assessment tools. A security assessment, provides a comprehensive report of your company’s systems and landscape with everything from network traffic, connected hardware, email and more given an in-depth risk assessment for threats and vulnerabilities.

Select and Switch can support your business with a free cyber security assessment and will provide a detailed report outlining any gaps in your business, along with the next steps to have you protected. Contact Select and Switch today for any of your cyber security concerns and questions.

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