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Are you always on the lookout for better deals and ways to cut costs for your expenses at home? Apply the same cost-cutting mentality to one of your home’s largest expenses – your electricity bill. As a resident of a state that has a deregulated energy market, like Victoria, you are free to shop around, change electricity providers and find a better deal whenever it’s convenient for you.

Select and Switch will help you compare energy plans in your area and, based on your usage patterns and preferences, may be able to find you a better electricity plan from our panel of leading energy retailers. You can enter your VIC postcode into our electricity comparison tool, and we’ll show you a list of the best electricity plans from the energy companies that we partner with.

Why Compare Electricity Plans in VIC With Select and Switch?

  • Get the latest and most competitive prices on electricity from a range of Victorian suppliers that we partner with.
  • With our service, you can quickly compare and buy energy plans.
  • We provide electricity plans that can help you reduce your energy expenses.
  • We offer a free comparison service. The transition is easy, with support and guidance from us.
  • Select and Switch is 100% Australian owned.
  • Switching is easy with us; use our free online comparison or give us a call to begin saving now.

How to compare electricity prices in Victoria with Select and Switch?

Select and Switch’s online energy comparison tool can help you save money on your electricity and gas bills every year. Across Victoria, we compare a range of energy plans from leading providers to help you find the best deal for your business. The service is completely free.

The best way to lower your gas and electricity bills in Victoria is to compare energy providers and plans. You can see what deals are available near you and switch if you find a better deal. Using the Select and Switch comparison tool could save you hundreds of dollars per year or even more.

It is common for energy providers to change their prices and plans frequently. If you’ve never compared them before, you might be missing out on a better deal and potential big savings. Electricity is determined by several factors, such as where you live and your usage. Get a free online comparison from Select & Switch by entering your postcode and your usage information from a recent bill. By providing more information, our tool will give you the most accurate, tailored result for your home usage.

Cost Efficient Electricity Plans for VIC

The only way to ensure you get the best energy plan from our panel of leading energy companies in Victoria is to be aware of your options before choosing an energy retailer. Based on changes in the Victorian energy market and fluctuating electricity prices, it can be challenging to determine if your current energy plan is competitive.

Comparing market standards and current energy plans can be time-consuming and difficult. In order to help you find the best energy plans in our range, Select and Switch comparisons calculate the daily supply and usage charges of all the retailers on our panel that serve Victoria.

We also monitor the electricity and gas market in Australia to ensure that we have relationships with competitive energy providers that enable us to provide our clients with great energy rates and options at all times.

Getting the best deal doesn’t mean you’ll get great service, even with a cheap energy plan. Thus, it is important to select a supplier who will treat you fairly if you decide to approach them. We review all the retailers operating in each region to ensure we only provide our clients with the best customer service.


Most Victorians find their power bills too high; therefore, comparing electricity and gas plans is an essential step to saving money. With our online comparison tool, you can now easily compare the energy plans offered by the panel of energy partners of Select and Switch in Victoria and see how much you can save by switching providers.

We can assist you in finding a cheap electricity provider in Victoria by comparing the offers from our panel of leading electricity retailers. The free online tool compares the average costs of various suburbs in Victoria with the best offers coupled with cheap deals available from our energy partners in the area that you are moving to. We will then help organise the power to be on ready for you to move into your new office or home.

Yes, if you are responsible for paying the electricity bill at a rental property, it is in your best interests to compare the electricity offers available in your area. We provide an online comparison and signup tool that makes switching to a better electricity deal easy.

The choice is yours, so you are free to pick and choose again. Take advantage of low-cost energy whenever and wherever you like. If you change your mind, simply contact us by phone, or complete a new comparison online and you can switch to a different energy retailer instead.


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