Compare Electricity Plans in South Australia

Compare Electricity Plans in SA & Get a Better Deal

South Australia has some of the highest energy prices in Australia. It is debatable whether power company costs are passed on to customers in proportion to market demands. However, customers can benefit from the competition amongst energy providers. To benefit, they have to compare energy prices and choose an electricity provider that offers better rates based on their energy usage and personal requirements. 

Electricity providers in South Australia offer a wide range of energy packages and discounts with specific terms and conditions. They offer energy and gas bundles as well as stand-alone energy packages. While energy packages tend to be cheaper than stand-alone ones, it all depends on your circumstances. Your usage terms, location, unique requirements, energy type (i.e solar) among others factors will determine whether a bundle or stand-alone package is best suited for you.

As one of the leading energy comparison services in Australia, Select and Switch is well placed to assist you in finding a better electricity provider. Between our leading-edge comparison system and our team of energy specialists, you can choose from a range of different South Australian retailers with confidence. We provide a specialised end to end service in which we will help find you the appropriate energy provider and help you switch accordingly. Get started today. 

Why Compare Electricity Plans in SA With Select and Switch?

  • Find out the electricity pricing options available in your area.
  • Find out if you’re eligible for government rebates and discounts.
  • Use expert advice to make educated decisions.
  • Ensure you pick the right contract and market offer.

Compare Electricity Providers in SA

To ensure that you are paying the cheapest electricity prices in South Australia, you will have to compare all SA Power Network’s retailers and then manually consider their reference prices, discounted prices, bulk prices, monthly prices, annual prices, feed in tariffs rates and other variables.

The cost of electricity varies depending on a wide range of factors including the type of energy, solar feed in tariff, supply charges to you based on the energy providers’ presence in your locality, and also based on the nature of energy you are subscribing to – is it renewable energy (green) or non-renewable.

There are a lot of variables that determine the cost of electricity prices in South Australia. Whether it’s for commercial or residential use, we encourage South Australians to compare electricity prices and seek out an energy deal that reflects their current circumstances. Select and Switch takes the time and hassle out of the analysis to give you a range of options to compare instantly.

Cost Efficient Electricity Plans for SA

If you are a residential customer in South Australia and have not switched providers, you will likely be on a standard contract. 

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has put a price cap on standard contracts offered by energy retailers to protect consumers from being overcharged for their energy usage. 

The price cap is revised every quarter, based on market factors such as fuel prices, exchange rates, and generation costs. As such, electricity rates differ from one retailer to another.

Through our expert online channel, we can assist you in the assessment and comparison of variables, prices and retailers. We know how the energy market operates and will work with you every step of the way from finding better alternatives to switching to the new provider. Get in touch with us today to get a no-obligation free quote.

Whether you’re still unsure about how the energy market works or would like more information on our service, we’re only a phone call away. We’re here to provide you with all the information you need to find a better electricity plan in South Australia. Get in touch today and begin saving!


The power bills of many South Australians are too high; therefore it’s important to compare electricity and gas plans to save money.

Using our online comparison tool, you can now easily compare different energy plans offered by the panel of energy partners of Select and Switch in South Australia and see how much you can save when switching providers.

Yes, we can help you find a cheap electricity provider for your new home by comparing the offers from our panel of leading electricity retailers in Adelaide and regional South Australia.

Our free online tool crunches a range of data for South Australian suburbs based on the average costs and shows you the best offers and cheap deals available in that area from our energy partners.

Having numerous options can be confusing, especially when each offers a different incentive or discount. Therefore, it’s important to understand what the different offers and discounts actually mean for your monthly bills. It does help if you keep things like typical discounts, limited time offers, green energy, etc., in mind when you review the SA electricity providers list.

In South Australia, switching electricity providers is relatively straightforward and less time-consuming. Switching can be requested online or over the phone, and Select and Switch will work with your new provider to ensure that the switch is smooth and seamless.

Furthermore, you will receive your first bill from your new retailer within only a few days or months, depending upon when your meter was last read.

Here, it is essential to look at the terms of your contract with the service provider. You will not have to pay a fee if you are on an open contract.

However, if you are on a fixed-term plan, you may have to pay extra to exit the contract early. There is also usually a connection fee when you move premises in South Australia, as many electricity retailers charge you for setting up your service at your new location. Typically, this cost will be included in your first bill.

First and foremost, Select and Switch provide a free energy comparison service. Secondly, you can compare the deals across our network of leading energy retailers without spending a single penny to locate an electricity and gas plan that suits your needs.

Select and Switch shows you an estimate of how much each plan might cost for your household or small business based on the information you provide.

Our system allows you to estimate your likely future energy costs based on your historical energy use or the average or typical usage for households or businesses in your neighbourhood.


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