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Are you experiencing high electricity bills from your power provider? Is your energy provider turning up the heat on your electricity bills? Well, now is the time to use Select and Switch’s electricity comparison tool to see if you can switch to a cheaper plan.

There are some areas of Queensland with a deregulated energy market, but not all. You can switch if you live in South-East Queensland. Almost all electricity services in regional QLD are subsidised by Ergon Energy, a company owned by the Queensland government.

Enter your postcode or suburb into our comparison portal to see if Select and Switch can help you find a cheaper plan in Queensland. Our handy calculator will crunch the data and provide you with an instant list of the best electricity offers of the energy providers in your area that we partner with.

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How to compare electricity prices in Queensland with Select and Switch?

The free electricity comparison service offered by Select and Switch lets you compare electricity plans from some of Queensland’s top energy providers, all in one place online. You can find a cheap electricity plan in your area by comparing electricity plans from electricity providers around Queensland on our panel.

Comparing electricity plans is the best way to make sure you pay less on rising electricity bills. The Select and Switch comparison tool makes it easier than ever to estimate how much you can save. With a new energy provider or a more competitive plan with your current provider, you could save hundreds of dollars every year.

Energy providers regularly change their plans and pricing. So, if you haven’t compared your provider, it is likely that you are missing out on a much better electricity deal for your home. Various factors affect your energy costs, including your location in Queensland and your electricity usage. Compare energy prices in minutes with Select and Switch to see how much you can save.

As not all of Queensland has a deregulated energy market, your options will depend on your location. You can find a cheaper electricity plan in your area by entering your postcode. Our comparison tool will show you the energy providers we partner with and their rates for your location.

If you’d like a more precise result from our comparison tool, you can enter your current usage if you have access to a recent bill. Then, we will show you the plans available in your area for you to compare and find the best electricity plan that works best for you from our panel of leading energy retailers.

Cost Efficient Electricity Plans for QLD

Understanding your contractual obligations can make switching to a new electricity provider simple. There is always a chance that switching to another provider can save you money on your electricity bill due to the wide range of options available. Unfortunately, most users do not attempt to switch due to a lack of awareness, time or commitment.

Market contracts and standard contracts are the two types of electricity contracts in Queensland. In accordance with the standard electricity contract, you pay your electricity bills at the Default Market Offer.

In contrast, market contracts are custom contracts provided by energy retailers which may include incentives and discounts based on certain terms and conditions.

With our team of energy experts, we understand how the market works and will assist you in reviewing your current electricity contract to see if you can get a better deal. You can easily compare electricity retailers in your area and get a no-obligation free quote using our simple online process or by calling our team on 1800 959 969. Take the time now to compare electricity retailers in your area and begin saving.


With our online energy comparison tool, you can quickly compare energy plans in QLD. Enter your postcode and various energy-usage details to see the plans and offers available in your area.

In QLD, switching energy plans is easy and hassle-free. You can use the Select and Switch online platform to compare energy providers. With our comparison feature, you can choose from a variety of plans and providers and switch to your better offer.

Default Market Offers (DMOs) are government-regulated energy prices. The DMO replaces the previous standing offers set by retailers for energy customers in New South Wales, South-East Queensland, and South Australia as of 1 July 2019.

This is an innovative initiative from the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). The DMO serves as a safety net, and generally does not offer the most competitive plans, so it is always a good idea to check all available energy rates and plans and not just automatically go with the DMO.


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