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Business electricity prices in Victoria are among the most competitive in Australia. Not only can you find a better deal for your business, but you can also get an energy plan that suits your business’s needs. Comparing energy plans for your business is only a few clicks away with Select and Switch. As specialists in the energy comparison sector, we provide recommendations that can help you switch to a more cost-effective electricity plan for your business within minutes.

There are many ways you can reduce your electricity costs. These include the availability of discounts based on the duration of your deal, the energy package you are subscribed to, availability of feed-in tariff, size of your business and the suburb you are situated in among other factors.

Electricity rates keep fluctuating, and comparing your electricity provider’s offer with market offers from other providers can lead you to a better deal. Get in touch today to compare and reduce your energy bills.

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Compare Business Electricity Providers in Victoria

Electricity providers across Victoria compete for customers, which is excellent news for you. Many energy providers offer various energy packages that consider different costing prices. And though small and medium businesses in Victoria can switch to an energy provider that offers better rates, they can find it to be a tedious process.

Our team of energy experts understand the Victorian energy comparison market. They can assist you in comparing multiple electricity providers in your area and find you a better deal. We believe switching energy providers doesn’t have to be a hassle or stressful. Compare electricity providers online with the help of our team today and see how much your business can save on its electricity bills.

Compare Business Electricity Prices Victoria Today and Cut Down on Your Costs

The most crucial element for business energy plans is the price. Many businesses have either never considered changing their electricity retailer or they have switched once but didn’t find a better deal, which means they are probably paying more than they should.

Energy rates, including electricity and gas, for a household or small business or a large business, differ based on their energy usage, as well as other variables. Electricity rates in Victoria are different for residential and business customers.

The Victorian government works closely with energy providers and businesses to protect the latter from volatility in the energy market that can arise from deregulation. These include setting the Victorian Default Offer and offering grants to eligible businesses to commission an energy assessment.

Finding a better energy plan for your business can take time and effort. A business owner who wants the best deal for their business will have to understand a wide range of factors. This includes understanding their energy plan information, how energy retailers calculate their rates, which energy retailers are available in their area, and ways to negotiate. 

If you are an existing customer and have not yet switched, you may be on a standing offer. A standing offer is the default electricity contract that your energy provider offers you. It is the most expensive contract available.

We know how the energy market works and can assist you in assessing your current electricity contract to help find you a cheaper deal through our simple process. You’ll receive a no-obligation free quote from us to help you find a better electricity plan at the right price. Compare now by clicking on the comparison button and find the best energy deals from our panel of retailers.


That’s a simple question with a more complex answer. Comparison of business energy with residential energy should consider several factors.

Even though gas and electricity supplied to business and residential customers travel over the same pipes and cables and come from the same sources, energy providers offer different contracts and offers to businesses and residential customers.

In addition, the price may vary according to usage and can be more expensive as well.

The wide range of plans and providers that you can find from Select and Switch makes it very easy to choose an electricity plan that matches your needs. You can start comparing energy plans by just entering your postcode. Click here to begin comparing energy plans today.

Electricity suppliers that can cater to your business needs and lifestyle are the best. Those who live in a free energy market can dictate how much energy is used.

In addition, they can search competing retailers for a better rate on energy. Regardless of where you live in Victoria, Select and Switch will provide you with the best electricity plans from our range of energy partners based on your postcode.

The cheapest energy supplier changes from month to month, but the best energy suppliers are there for you year after year.

There is no doubt that Victorian energy is the best value for money in Australia, with unbeatable prices from Melbourne to the country.

With the help of Select and Switch, you will be able to find a power company that offers you a suitable and competitive electricity deal based on your needs.

There are different providers in different areas, so it depends on where your business is. We compare a wide range of electricity plans available in Victoria so you can be confident you’re getting a great range of options from the leading energy providers available in your area through Select and Switch.

Most electricity providers will not charge you to switch providers in Victoria if you have an open contract. If your electricity plan has a fixed period, you will be charged an early termination fee if you leave before it expires.

Your first electricity bill may include a connection fee that covers the connection of electricity services to your new address when you move business locations.

Among our revenue sources is helping energy providers connect with consumers looking for a better deal on their home energy needs, such as you. We are unique because our service is free to use, and the energy providers who compete for your business are the ones that pay us, not you. You can also relax knowing that the results of our comparison tool are not influenced at all by the payments we receive from the energy providers, as the results are based purely and only on on the best plan and rates available from our range of energy partners.


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