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We are an Australian owned electricity comparison platform that offers professional services in comparing business electricity plans in NSW. As specialists in electricity comparison, we offer recommendations within minutes that help you find a more cost-effective power plan for your business.

The energy market is competitive, which is why Select and Switch strives to provide you with affordable and reliable energy services while reducing energy costs. Getting the best business electricity plan in NSW can save you hundreds on electricity and gas bills.

The Select and Switch platform lets you find and compare business electricity plans from our panel of leading energy retailers. You can discover potential savings by checking your energy bill against the rates of our partners. Our energy cost calculator tool will present the best energy plans based on the cheapest rates and the estimated biggest savings for you.

Since business electricity rates and deals fluctuate regularly, it is important to compare electricity plans to get the best deal at the cheapest rate. So why not compare energy plans today to lower your energy bill tomorrow?

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Considerations when comparing business electricity plans In New South Wales

There are two types of electricity contracts in the NSW market which are either Standard or Market contracts. Standard electricity contracts will mean that you pay your electricity bills at the rate set at the Default Market Offer (DMO). On the other hand, market contracts generally offer a cheaper rate as they may include incentives and discounts tied in with the terms and conditions. Market offers will provide the rate of the offer, and will also tell you where the plan sits against the DMO rate, so you can make an informed decision to see if it is a better rate than the DMO or standard offer.
Learn more about business energy rates in NSW here.

Take advantage of the energy discounts on offer to reduce your overall electricity bills. Prior to signing up for the plan, make sure you understand the benefits. This is how long the discount applies to your energy plan. A few providers offer discounts either annually, over two years, or even for the long-term. Your discount may disappear if the benefit period ends, at which point you will pay the full electricity plan price.

In addition, you should consider any additional sign-up incentives offered by the electricity providers. Although these incentives shouldn’t determine your final decision, they can be a useful point of difference if you’re comparing similar products. You might receive a rebate on your first bill, recurring bill credits, or vouchers from specific retailers.

Get the best business electricity rates in New South Wales today, and reduce your costs

A better energy plan for your business can take time and effort. If a business owner wants to get a good deal for their business, they must understand a wide variety of factors. Understanding which retailers are available in their area, how they calculate their rates, and any discounts are all apart of understanding energy plans.

In addition, most businesses — whether they’ve never switched electricity suppliers or have but haven’t found a better deal — likely pay more than they should for electricity. So, the primary factor to consider when comparing business energy plans is price. For instance, energy tariffs (charges you pay for using an electricity or gas network) or fees and charges (connecting, disconnecting, and early exiting may apply), among others.

The price for gas and electricity plans for a household, small business, or large business differ based on their energy usage and other variables, so electricity rates in NSW are different for residential and business customers.

You may be on a standing offer if you are an existing customer and have not yet switched. This is the default electricity contract offered by your energy provider. Traditionally, it’s the most expensive contract you can choose.

We can help you find a cheaper electricity deal with our simple process based on our knowledge of the energy market. Let us help you choose the right electricity plan at the right price by providing a free, no-obligation quote. Head to our comparison portal today to compare our panel of energy retailers to
get the best offer for you.


Electricity rates for businesses are based on their size and electricity consumption. Although they may be cheaper than residential rates because of the amount of electricity used, most business customers have a higher electricity rate.

When you accept a quote for your business electricity, your new provider will handle the switching process and schedule a date to take over without disrupting your business or electricity supply.

Make sure you read your terms and conditions carefully, as switching contracts may not be possible for a set period. It is possible that you will have to pay an exit fee if you want to end the contract before the end date. Make sure that any savings you would make won’t be wiped out by contract penalties.

We can help you set up your meter installation and electricity supply as soon as possible if you are moving, renovating or expanding your commercial property. We install all types of meters, including smart meters for all businesses. Contact us for a quote.

You should choose the best business electricity provider who can offer you the best deal and service. By using the Select and Switch energy comparison service, you will have your answer and will be able to save money on your electricity bill right away.


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