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New South Wales is home to a wide range of electricity providers. Electricity prices are set by providers based on a variety of metrics. There are many ways consumers can benefit from competitive prices and conditional discounts. If you know how electricity pricing works and how to access the rates and discounts provided by electricity providers in your area, you may be able to figure out which one is the cheapest.

Energy providers were allowed to offer competitive rates for electricity and gas in NSW from July 2014 and July 2017 onwards. Their market offers are packaged competitively and come with a discounts and benefits period. You can either ask for energy bundles of gas and electricity or request stand-alone packages from different providers and then compare their offerings to find the cheapest energy deals in your area.

The energy industry has developed market offers, and for some, it may be complicated to understand all the variables of the offer. This is where our team of energy market specialists can assist. We assist you by offering better electricity plans in NSW based on your unique circumstances and usage requirements. Get in touch today to request a no-obligation free quote.

Why Compare Electricity Plans in NSW With Select and Switch?

  • Explore and understand electricity pricing plans available in your area.
  • Understand government rebates and discounts you may be eligible for.
  • Make educated decisions based on expert advice.
  • Enter the correct type of contract and market offer.

Compare Electricity Providers in NSW

Whether you live in Sydney, Central Coast, Gosford, or Newcastle, we can find you an electricity deal that is better than your existing one. If you are moving to a new place, we can research and recommend better electricity plans based on the electricity providers in your area. The Australia Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) July 2019 regulation  aimed at making electricity affordable and easy to compare with the default market offer (DMO) prices. All electricity plans are compared to the DMO, which essentially gives the consumer a measuring stick to understand the value of their deal. However, if you are time-poor and would like assistance in this regard – our team of specialists can help. Get a tailored comparison quote now.

Cost Efficient Electricity Plans for NSW

Switching to a new electricity provider can be easy if you understand your contractual obligations. Given the wide range of options to select from, there is always a chance that you could save on your electricity bills if you switch to another provider. However, most users never try to switch due to a lack of knowledge and confidence.

There are two types of electricity contracts in the NSW market-standard and market contracts. As per the standard electricity contract, you pay your electricity bills set at the DMO. 

On the other hand, market contracts are custom contracts negotiated between you and the provider and may include incentives and discounts tied in with the terms and conditions.

As a team of energy experts, we understand how the energy market works and can assist you in reviewing your current electricity contract with the aim of finding you a cheaper deal. Using our simple process, you can compare a range of electricity retailers in your area and get a no-obligation free quote from us. Compare now to start saving on your electricity bills today.


Before choosing an electricity deal, it is important to consider your financial situation, energy consumption habits, and living situation.

However, if you’re only interested in finding the most affordable electricity in NSW, check out our comparison tool for the list of cheapest electricity plans available from our panel of leading energy retailers.

Our online energy comparison tool allows you to quickly compare energy plans in NSW. The service will enable you to enter your postcode and various energy-usage details to see the plans and offers available in your area.

It is quite common for people to stick with the same provider when switching retailers could potentially save them money. Many people don’t want to do the research; or it could be a lack of time or desire.

On the contrary, switching energy plans in NSW is easy and hassle-free. You should use Select and Switch’s online platform to compare the providers.

Our comparison feature helps you choose from a variety of plans and providers and it also helps you to switch to your better offer.

Electricity plans in NSW are either market-based or standard.

  • Standard plans: The price you pay for your electricity plan is based on the Default Market Offer (DMO).
  • Market plans: A market plan allows you to choose from more competitive offers and rates from retailers, and they may even offer additional incentives like discounts and other benefits. Before signing up for such a plan, you should assess your options carefully, as the retailer may alter the rates during the contract term.

A Default Market Offer (DMO) is a government-regulated energy price. From the 1st of July 2019, the DMO replaced previous standing offers set by retailers for energy customers in New South Wales, South East Queensland, and South Australia.

It is an ingenious initiative from the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). Still, the purpose of the DMO is to provide a safety net rather than to offer the most competitive plans on the market, so it is always a great idea to complete a comparison and check all rates and plans and not just take the DMO.

It is possible to receive electricity and gas from the same energy retailer in NSW. While comparing NSW energy retailers, make sure they offer both gas and electricity. You can easily perform this comparison using our online energy retailer comparison tool.


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