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Consumers in NSW expect a fair deal, and now is the best time to switch energy plans. Select and Switch is the favourite energy price comparison service, providing real-time access to the best electricity and gas deals from our panel of highly-respected retailers. Once you enter your postcode and some general details about your household, we will provide you with competitive deals and offers.

A range of gas providers in NSW supply gas at different prices depending on various factors. You may be able to find a cheaper gas deal based on your location, requirements, and usage. There’s not a lot of sense in subscribing to expensive gas packages when you can receive the same quality service at a lower rate. However, many satisfied customers and businesses have benefited from our comparison service as one of Australia’s leading energy and gas comparison sites. Within minutes, we can compare gas providers in your area and recommend the best plan we have available for you.

Why Compare Gas Plans in NSW With Select and Switch?

  • Get the most out of your current gas plan by understanding the offers in your area.
  • See if you qualify for discounts and packages.
  • Comparison of daily gas supply charges and usage rates.
  • Consider combining your energy plans to save more.
  • Thousands of families and businesses are already saving with Select and Switch.
  • Select and Switch is 100% Australian owned.

Compare Gas Plans in NSW

There are many gas providers in Australia. As a result of this competition, consumers can have trouble deciding on which provider to go with. Therefore, having some assistance during this selection period can be of great help. If you switch your gas provider with Select & Switch, you can save money depending on a wide range of factors, including your location and service availability in your area, and your usage. The cost of gas varies from state to state. Upon request, you can find out what rates specific gas providers in your area offer. Periodically, the Australian Energy Regulator provides a comparison of their popularity.

Better Gas deals in NSW can be found in only a few clicks with Select And Switch

Gas providers across Australia collaborate with Select and Switch. When you request a quote, we review the available rates from gas suppliers in your area and compare them with your existing plan. We then recommend cheaper gas plans based on your details if they are available.

The cost of gas is calculated in two ways. First of all, you are charged for gas supply to your property. Also known as the daily supply charge. Secondly, you are charged based on how much gas you consume. Whenever you compare gas plans yourself, we recommend considering these two factors.

In addition to the above, we recommend you assess the benefits that each of the energy retailers provides. You may have to meet certain conditions, pay a fixed amount at certain intervals to smooth out your bill amount, or receive additional fees or discounts depending on the gas company.

If you are contractually obligated to stay with your gas supplier for a specific period, switching could be challenging. You should take into account the above factors, or, if you’re still having trouble, don’t hesitate to seek expert advice from Select and Switch.

With Select and Switch, you don’t only save money, but time as well. Using our professional research and comparison services, we help consumers save money on gas by finding consumers better gas plans from our energy partners. We can help you find better and more affordable gas plans for your home or business in NSW, Australia.


No, there will be no interruption in your gas supply when you switch. The same service will be provided. The sign-up process online is fast and simple.

Whenever you move to a new home, just call us, and we’ll make sure your power & gas is switched on and ready for you. You can also sign up online and choose the day for the switch. We ask that you provide us with some notice before you move, so contact us a week before you move and we will get everything organised for you.

We have a panel of leading energy providers that we partner with. Our electricity and gas retailer partners are displayed on our website.

Select and Switch will not cost you a cent, and could save you hundreds of dollars. Our service is completely free to you. Plans displayed on the website are not marked up in any way. All plans listed from your comparison result are priced according to the retailers’ rates.


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